Here Are Top 10 Reasons To Choose WordPress for E-commerce Website Development

WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS). It is providing services since 2003. Most of the business owners choose WordPress as their e-commerce website development platform.  WordPress is easy to use as well as easy to learn. You can add a lot of features on your e-commerce site. Due to its high flexibility, WordPress is getting popular day by day. It allows you to add new themes, new plugins on your website to enhance its functionality.

It is powering around 25% of the websites worldwide. It is leading in the market with around 30% of the total number of sites are using this content management system (CMS). WordPress provides overall control over your e-commerce site. One can easily create online shop using WordPress. WordPress provides a number of plugins, tools, themes, and integrations for your e-commerce website creation. WordPress is easy and user-friendly. WordPress is a great platform for building e-commerce websites. If you are looking for best WordPress Development Company than you might contact Web Development India.

Here Are Top 10 Reasons To Choose WordPress for E-commerce Website Development

  1. Easy To Use:

WordPress is very easy to use and learn. You can install and use WordPress free of charge. You can easily manage your online store through this user-friendly admin panel. You can easily add your products, images, and product descriptions. WordPress platform has many benefits and it is very easy to use. One can easily monitor sales and orders of their e-commerce sites using e-commerce plugins. It helps you to create more site traffic. As more people visit your site it will lead you sales. You can easily manage everything without writing a line of code.


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  1. Themes and Plugins:

WordPress has a number of themes and plugins for your e-commerce website. WordPress allows you to install plugins and use themes for your e-commerce website. Using these modern themes and plugins in your e-commerce website will boost your e-commerce business. It will enhance the look and design of your website. You can get a professional WordPress theme at very low cost. It helps you to add plugins to your e-commerce website without the need of any developer. You will get a list of themes and templates which are available for free and premium. These convincing themes of WordPress will convince your customers to revisit your e-commerce store and make a purchase. You can easily choose a theme specifically for e-commerce. WordPress has all the design features you’ll need for your store.


  1. Payment Option:

WordPress supports many payment gateways from PayPal to Google Play. WordPress created E-commerce websites supports a variety of payment methods which include cheque payment, cash on delivery, direct bank transfer or PayPal. WordPress ensures that the credit card information or other credentials pass through highly secure payment gateways. You can use these e-commerce payment gateways for your own business. So that your user can easily go through these secure payment gateways with their credentials. The payment gateways used in WordPress e-commerce websites are highly secure. WordPress adapts many security measures preserve the trust of its users. You can easily use these payment gateways supported by WordPress in your e-commerce website. This facilitates the entire payment process and increases your sales.


  1. Search Engine Optimization:

If you are creating your e-commerce website with WordPress then you already have a good SEO position in the Google search. As WordPress does not create the website with complex codes and provides you friendly URLs. It makes the search engine optimization of your e-commerce website easy and simple. It helps you to position your e-commerce website in the search list so that you can improve your rank. You can easily add detailed product descriptions along with optimized images in your e-commerce website. You can also install SEO plugins for further optimization of your e-commerce website.


  1. Customizable:

Using WordPress you can create whatever website you want with multiple of features supported by WordPress. You can design your own custom themes according to your needs. Interesting themes of the website will help to bring more customers to your e-commerce store. You can use a number of features for creating your website more attractive to your customers. The e-commerce plugins provided by WordPress makes it easy to add a product and then input all the variables needed for it. You can upload images for every product and display them in an attractive product gallery.


  1. Secure and Stable:

WordPress offers better stability and security features that can protect your e-commerce business. Users can protect their business in a better way with strengthened security features from WordPress. The core software of WordPress is incredibly secure. WordPress is scalable as an e-commerce platform. WordPress plugin for an e-commerce website is able to handle millions of visitors per day. The dedicated team of developers of WordPress keeps it tightly secured and safe.


  1. Easy E-commerce Integration:

WordPress for ecommerce website gives you an easy integration with your existing blog or website. WordPress provides you easy e-commerce integration without re-designing the entire website. You just need to install that e-commerce plugin. It will integrate your all e-commerce elements with each other.


  1. Multilanguage support:

WordPress does not use just one language. The developer’s community of WordPress is working to translate WordPress into many languages as possible. There are plugins available for multilanguage support in your e-commerce website. Everything gets translated by default into different languages by using this multilanguage plugin.


  1. No Other Fees:

WordPress never demands the monthly fees along with other transaction fees like other e-commerce platforms. WordPress says you need to pay only for that you need. You have to go through one-time purchase fee in order to download the product of the WordPress theme that you use on your site.It is the one-time fee which includes regular and ongoing updates. There is no additional cost for a limited period of time.You can extend the period of updates and support at a very low cost. WordPress eCommerce plugins and themes are sold where fees are charged on time.


  1. Updated Content Management System:

WordPress is an open piece of software and is getting more popular day by day. Many of developers are working on it to update and upgrade WordPress CMS. Using WordPress you can create an amazing e-commerce website that will you to help boost your business. WordPress is simple to understand with the easy to use admin panel, but it is needed to make sure that your website is working properly.



WordPress is one of the favorite open source platforms and is the choice for every small business to create their online store. Developers are continuously working for the new features of WordPress for e-commerce website development. A number of updates and improvements are being made to WordPress on daily basis. The aim of such e-commerce website is to get higher traffic on the web and utilizing WordPress helps you for the same. WordPress gives you all the options that you’re looking for.


Author Bio: Sanjay Mark Ballav is Director at Web Development India. He has more than 10 years of experience in WordPress Development. He loves writing on new technologies and sharing his rich knowledge. He has good experience of working in ecommerce domain. Has constantly been involved with startup fraternity and nurturing their ideas with help of technology. If you are looking to develop an ecommerce website using wordpress than you can hire wordpress developer at affordable rates from Web Development India.

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