Which Antivirus software provides the best Internet security?

Internet is an interconnected system of various computers around the globe. People from all over use this medium for different purpose like browsing, communication, business, etc. Some people or organizations use the Internet for spreading the virus or harmful software. So, protection against such harmful elements is the need of the hour. First of all, we should know what a virus is?

A computer virus is designed to alter the normal working of the computer and it spreads in the system just like a flu virus. It is a malicious code or program and it can infect your computer and all the computers on your network. check out superior antivirus reviews in detail.

Next question comes to mind is what are the symptoms of a computer virus?

Which Antivirus software provides the best Internet security?

Some of the common signs are as follows:

  • System working slowly: If your computer is taking longer than the expected time then it a sign of infection. Mostly, processing speed and memory are affected.
  • Unknown startup programs on the home screen: When you start the computer if the home screen shows any unknown program window, it is a sign of infection.
  • Frequent system crash: If your system is crashing frequently, then the hard drive might be infected by the virus. It can affect the display and memory.
  • Pop-up: When you start getting unusual pop-ups more often, infection is spreading in the system. This might happen when you visit dark WebPages or you download some infected file from the Internet.
  • Unusual activities: Anything unusual like the change of password, wallpaper changed, etc. This could block you from logging in.

Next question is the obvious one, how to protect a computer from the virus or malware?

Anti-virus software is the best way to protect your computer from the infection of the virus. Anti-virus software is easy to install, you just have to follow the instructions on the screen. Anti-virus software analyzes the system and provides the solution in the form of an update. So, always make sure your Anti-virus software is updated. There are many software companies which provide security and choosing the best one is a difficult task. You should look for these features in Anti-virus software:

  • It should be Anti-Malware: Malware is the malicious software in your system and this feature eliminates them. It also includes trojans, spyware, and various other harmful programs designed to alter the system.
  • Protect from browser infections: Webpage code is manipulated in the browser exploits. It can be used to steal your identity or money. One of the common methods is clickjacking. When you click on an advertisement or anything, it might be used to trigger an action that you never intended.
  • Anti-Trojan: Anti-trojan checks the integrity of the software installed on the system. Many times simple software can be a malicious one at the back-end. For example – A texting application might capture images from the webcam and send it to an undisclosed location.
  • Anti-Spyware: Spyware programs can steal the passwords, files, and record the activity of the infected computer. This type of program is used to gather information and after some time they infect the system causing severe damages.
  • Anti-Rootkit: Rootkit refers to a mini-computer. Rootkit performs all the operations on the infected system and the critical system files are corrupted or destroyed. Anti-virus should detect such anomaly and the solution for the problem is to reinstall the operating system.
  • Anti-Worm: A worm basically duplicates itself in the system and to all the connected networks. It affects the hard drive by filling the empty space. The symptoms are slow performance, frequent crashing, and disk getting full.
  • Secure Networking: An anti-virus should make sure the Internet services and networking are safe and secure. Several malicious programs are uploaded on the Internet to infect vulnerable computers.
  • Anti-Ransomware: You must have heard about the recent cyber-attack, Ransomware. It locks your computer and asks for a certain sum of money to reopen it. You should be equipped with the proper defense in this case.
  • Firewall: Always make sure that the firewall of your computer is ON. Some Anti-virus software comes with Built-in firewall in order to prevent connection errors. This will also help you with the infected applications.
  • Anti-phishing: Phishing is a common attack in which a duplicate webpage is made and by clicking on it the credentials are shared with the attacker. An antivirus should protect from such phishing scams. It should detect the page in real-time and block it.

These are the features you should be looking in an Anti-virus. Also, some free tips to be safe on the Internet will help you learn something new. The first tip is to keep your software updated all the time. Don’t click on the links which come in the mail. About 40% of the infection happens due to such clicking. Always keep a backup of your data.

You can use an external hard-drive to store the backup. Use a strong password and use a different password for each website or account. Check the downloaded files and keep a track of any unauthorized downloads. Lastly, use a pop-up blocker to avoid getting pop-ups. Pop-ups contain malicious programs which activate as soon as you click on it.

Now, there are many Anti-virus companies and software which are available in the market. According to the survey conducted by the superioantivirus.com, the top five most popular Antiviruses are Avast, Malwarebytes Corporation, McAfee, ESET, and Bitdefender. Avast is popular because it is free and it secures your PC from all the threats.

Avast provides the best security. The people of superioantivirus.com are considered one of the best for analyzing the Anti-virus. The team of the engineers is committed to the work. They are experienced people who have worked in all the major security firms. The people at superioantivirus.com follow the trends, updates, and features for the common people. They are a bunch of hard-working and committed people whose goal is to provide security to the computers.


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