The Different Types of Timber Furniture in Australia

The Different Types of Timber Furniture in Australia

Australia, with its diverse flora and fauna, is home to many different kinds of wooden species. And while these differ in terms of shade, density, and hardness, it is important to note that there are quite a lot of options of Australian timber for when you are looking to construct wooden furniture. Whether you are looking to acquire beautiful Perth marri furniture, or perhaps Jarrah dining tables for your home, it’s important to know your chosen wood, and what makes it differ from the other species available in the market.

What are the different types of furniture wood?


Softwood are defined as cone-bearing, or coniferous trees. While softwoods can technically be made into furniture, as all wood can be, furniture makers tend not to use them as they are less dense than hardwood, ensuring more air in its construction. This also means that it has more flexibility, which is great for construction of musical instruments, but is not necessarily a good thing when it comes to furniture making. Softwoods are also typically more difficult to stain evenly, and so are only used for styles that suit an old-fashioned and rustic look, limiting its usage over the years as it can look dated quite quickly, and can be difficult to revive.


Hardwood are defined as deciduous trees, and bear seeds. In Australia, you’ve got 11 popular hardwoods:

  • Marri
  • Jarrah
  • Tasmanian Oak
  • Tasmanian Blackwood
  • Spotted Gum
  • Blackbutt
  • Brushbox
  • Grey Ironbark
  • Red Ironbark
  • Victorian Ash
  • Cypress Pine

Hardwoods have been historically used to make furniture and it’s easy to see why. With a natural beauty that is incomparable, hardwoods come in a variety of colours, such as red, brown, and blonde, and coupled with intricate grain patterns, it really comes alive with the right finish.

As compared to softwoods, hardwoods have a higher density, and this really just means that it is more rigid and strong as compared to the natural construction of softwoods. This is ideal for furniture construction as not only do you want a sturdy piece of Perth marri furniture, for example, but you also want something that will last for years and years with the potential of becoming a family heirloom, if you so desire.

And as compared to softwoods, hardwoods are more easily and evenly stained, which opens up a world of choices in design and colour for your personal purposes.

Which timber is best for furniture?

From above, it’s easy to see just why hardwood is the preferred choice by furniture makers worldwide. Sturdy, strong, stains evenly, and lasts for generations if taken care of and maintained properly, it’s an amazing investment if you are looking for a furniture piece that will bring character to your home. Pieces like Perth marri furniture will not only provide a touch of the outdoors for your home, but it will also bring a warmth to your interior design that is hard to replicate.

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