Top 5 Attractions to See on Kimberley Cruises

Top 5 Attractions to See on Kimberley Cruises

For a truly remote Aussie wilderness experience, the Kimberley offers it all. From spectacular natural phenomenon to ancient landscapes and world heritage sites, the Kimberley is a holiday adventure that won’t be forgotten. Due to the remoteness of many areas, access can be limited by only air or boat. Kimberley cruises offer a unique way to visit many amazing sites that are otherwise difficult to see. Here are five unforgettable sights many Kimberley cruises visit.

1. Horizontal Falls

One of the Kimberley’s most amazing natural attractions, the Horizontal Falls give tourists a chance to experience the power of the region’s huge tidal forces. The Horizontal Falls is created by powerful tidal currents passing through narrow gorges. As the water builds up on one side it is forced through, creating a “horizontal waterfall”. The process repeats on the turning tide.

2. Montgomery Reef

Twice a day this 80km long reef puts on an amazing show as it appears to magically rise from the water during the falling tide. The reef rises as the tide falls, by up to 5 metres as the water cascades down the channels and back into the ocean. The Montgomery Reef is the largest inshore reef in Australia.

3. King Cascades

Along the majestic Prince Regent River, the King Cascades is a truly beautiful waterfall. This stunning terraced waterfall is one of Australia’s most remote places. You will witness the water travel from a crystal-clear pool above and cascade down from one level to the next.

4. Mitchell Falls

The Mitchell Falls is an iconic Kimberley attraction. The falls were carved from sandstone by the Mitchell River. This has created stunning emerald pools of water that fall from one level to the next in this four-tiered waterfall.

5. King George Falls

The King George River tumbles over the towering red sandstone cliffs creating the spectacular King George Falls, Western Australia’s highest twin waterfall. The 100-metre twin waterfalls of King George Falls are a sight not to be missed as you cruise this 2,000 million-year-old rugged coast.

When should I visit the Kimberley?

This really depends on what you’re wanting to see during your trip. There are two distinct seasons in the Kimberley, the wet season and the dry season. Many attractions are closed during the wet season as it’s very hot and humid, and also has the added danger of also being the cyclone season. Many Kimberley cruises don’t operate during part or all of the wet season due to this.

The beginning of the dry season (April and May) is a popular time to cruise the Kimberley as this is waterfall season. Kimberley cruises include visits to many waterfalls, so this is the perfect time to see them at their peak. It can still be quite humid, with the occasional rainy day during this time, however, the waterfalls being at their full force can make this worthwhile. The winter months  of June and July offer more comfortable temperatures whilst August to September welcomes an abundance of wildlife including migrating whales.

Kimberley cruises offer the best of this region from a unique perspective. Experience amazing landscapes, spectacular waterfalls and plentiful wildlife as you travel around this ancient wilderness. To learn more about Kimberley cruises contact Broome, Kimberley and Beyond on 1300 245 565 today.

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