Best Travel Tips for Visiting India with Your Kids

Being an Indian I would love to discuss on such an interesting topic. India has also been a place of historical heritages and sceneries. People from over the globe visit India because of its culture and tradition.

Visiting India with family can be much fun and you children will get to know a lot about Indian culture and religions which they must have only heard or read in books. Why not visit India with your kids and enjoy the beautiful monuments in India? Yes? Okay, we are here to give you some tips when you travel to India with your kids.

Best Travel Tips for Visiting India with Your Kids

Tips to Travel India with Kids

  • Chose a hotel away from chaos- India is a very busy country and at each corner you will find crowd of people and kids from foreign countries are not use to so much chaos so it is better to choose a hotel or lodge that is less hustled and remains calm. If you are from one of those cold countries then it will be quite difficult for your kids to adjust in the humid weather of India so chose a room which has air conditioner so that you kids don’t get frustrated or irritated due to weather conditions and can have calm sleep. You can try booking best hotels in India with Fab Hotels Coupons which is 100% safe and secure, in which you will be amazed with fantastic hospitality.
  • Opt for sleeping with your kids and partner in one bed- Yes this may sound a bit awkward for you but it is very common in India where small kids sleep with their parents. Choose a nice hotel with a balcony and pool if you are going to share a large double bed. This trend of sleeping with kids is so sweet and overwhelming. It will be a new place for your kids so instead of making them sleep in a separate room it would be better if you make them sleep next to you so that they don’t get uncomfortable.
  • Always take margin of time- India is a very crowded lace and the roads in India are full of traffic. So, instead of hurrying at the last moment to reach you destination and that to along with kids is quite hectic. It is advisable that is order to avoid any inconvenience and hassle at the very last moment always take a margin from the exact time for leaving the place to reach your destination. It will not only make you reach at time but will also be easy to deal with your kids. Or even you can choose to book your cab in advance before leaving the hotels, for which you can choose available Goibibo Coupons for pre bookings which will give great pricing when you will booking in advance.
  • Carry sanitizers in your bags- It is not easy to handle kids as they are quite stubborn. The only way to control them is to become a neurotic parent, but it will be a no longer fun trip for anyone if you do so. Unless you go to a high class hotel in India it is very common for your kids to get trapped by minor diseases because kids love to touch new stuffs in malls and other places. So make sure to carry a sanitizer and make them use it before eating anything to avoid any health issues.
  • Eat at a busy restaurant- A busy restaurant is a sign that the food is regularly prepared and is not kept for hours after preparing. So eating at such a restaurant would be much more healthy for you and your kids. There are many restaurants in India that are specially set up for tourists as they type of food preferred by tourists is quite different from the Indian food style. These restraunts make food according to your taste buds with the crunch of your flavours.
  • Opt for mineral water bottle- When you are visiting restraunts or any place for your trip make sure to take the mineral water bottles as water sanitation is a problem in India. When it comes for choosing an eatable for those little tummies you can’t trust on anything which is given to you so choosing a mineral water bottle will a good and safer option for your tiny tots.
  • Carry a thermos flask- When travelling with tiny tots it is necessary to carry a flask to warm up the drinking items for your kids. Many kids have an habit of drinking milk before sleeping and it not so possible in India to get that hot milk, so the best option will be to carry your own flask and avoid any chaos with kids.

We must say that if you follow the above tips then you journey in India with you kids will be the memorable one and your kids will love it.

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