Often time’sparents may think that parenting is a challenge in one way or another but when taken positively its one of the most exciting adventures in life that will leave questions answered about how to handle issues.

One of the challenging factors is traveling with a baby. The current generation has made it more flexible to fly by using the car seat or stroller.  



Car seats or strollers travel free on an airplane. Therefore, one would never worry about an excess fee that could be charged while using the plane.

The main reason for Gate checking the stroller is to ensure that the minute you alight from the airplane, the stroller will also have arrived. One will experience such joy when putting the baby in the stroller after holding it for long. It becomes a sigh of relieving to put the baby in the stroller

Below  points elaborating on how to Gate check a Car seat or a stroller:


  • Tagging the car seat and Stroller


Tagging is the first and foremostactivity one should ensure. The gate attendants will tag the stroller which is the same as your flight information and should also have the number of your seat.


  • Handing over the Car seat or Stroller.


Once tagged and your name called to board, just put the stroller down at the entrance where the path the airplane is so that the attendants can take it and pack together with the suitcase for safekeeping while traveling.

If one wants the baby to travel on the car seat or stroller, then a seat number for the baby will be booked and paid for so that the baby can sit on its own rather than holding with the arms during the journey.

That will always depend on the decision of the parents or the guardian of the baby.


  • Collecting the Car seat or stroller.


Upon arrival to the destination of travel, as you disembark, one needs to pick the stroller at the same place where dropping was doneas you alight you may not find it immediately, but kindly hold for a while as the offloading is being done. Once it is availed, you can check if it is in good condition.

If you wish to carry the baby immediately, ensure you do not disrupt the movements of the other passengers, just step aside and organize your steps away from the jet pathway.


  • International Flight Variables


This is when things in the flight get disorderly such that one does not get the car seat or the stroller immediately on reaching g to the final destination. This is because the airplane attendants may have stacked them up with other belongings.

One may be asked to have a check again upon collecting the Stroller because different countries have different ways of offloading the cargo and therefore it’s advisable to comply so that there is a feeling of relief on finishing up with the attendants.

Car seats or Strollers make ones work easier because when moving around you’ll just place the baby and move comfortably.

There are questions that may arise like,

Is it okay to use a car seat carrier? Yes if traveling and you may fear that it may get damaged, it’s then prudent to have a car seat carrier though that should not add stress if one does not have.

In conclusion

Always ensure that when traveling with the baby and using the stroller, the Gate check is always done to avoid the loss which may disorganize the journey and end up losing it.

This post is written by Sophia Nguyen from

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