Tale of a Programmer

Starting with the story of two programmers.

Tale of a Programmer

Doing Programming was their life and passion they even they were studying in very famous college like KIIT University Bhubaneswar and Sandip University. They did not complete their engineering because their dreams were big and creative.

They created their own solution and ideas for doing programming.

They understood each and every concept of object-oriented programming moreover they created their own concept to understand the traditional programming methods.

They knew the way how the program works and how to set logic. As programming language is all based on logic, every day after college they use to sit together and make their own logic and concept. The theory they used to follow is as follows.

A program is an arrangement of directions that advises a PC to do an undertaking of a process. At the point when a PC takes the directions in a program, we say it executes the program.

So he considers it like a formula that reveals how to influence a nutty spread to the sandwich.  So the concept made by the guy from Sandip University.

In this model, you are the PC, making a sandwich in the undertaking, and the formula is the program that discloses to you how to execute the task.

Computer writing in computer programs is the specialty of guiding a PC through an arrangement of guidelines. They made themselves the masters in this area.

They began finding out about the nuts and bolts of PC programming and discovered the instruments to start coding. This is how they started their career.

So one fine day they made a plan to build a program for internet security. They started working very hard on this project. It was their dream to make it real and they worked day and night on the project.

They faced many failures but they never gave up. So, one day they made their dream project real. They wanted to start their own organization but due to fewer funding’s and financial problems, they were unable to do that.

The guy from KIIT University, Bhubaneswar was not happy. He wanted to do big things in his life but his luck would not work. The other guy from Sandip University made a plan of selling that program to some big IT company.

Both of them knew that after selling this software they will have proper funding’s to their own startup.

Like it is said, people, someone’s success doesn’t make you happy their plan didn’t work. The company went under fraudulent crises and one day their working area got up on fire. It was very late to recover all the important things.

All the important thing got burnt and they have nothing their hands. This incident completely broke them up they felt their life like a hell.

The fire in their working room started a fire in their mind body and soul.

Instead of giving up they wanted to do something big in their life’s. So they started their project again and made their each and every plan’s success and now they have their own organization.


In the end, I would like to conclude this article with this word “Hard work Always Pays off”.

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