Hire an Intellectual Property Lawyer For Your Business Before It’s Too Late

Businesses need an intellectual property lawyer so that ideas will not get stolen. Intellectual property is something that requires a patent. Use intellectual property law Israel for all your intellectual property needs. David Page is a business, corporate, and financial lawyer, in Jerusalem, Israel.

He is the principal of his own law firm, as an intellectual property Israel lawyer. As a founding member of InsideOutside Counsel, David Page is all about expertise and integrity, with regard to intellectual property Israel. He does not use hourly billing because he likes fixed billing as well as offers client packages based on what you need, from intellectual property law Israel.

Hire an Intellectual Property Lawyer

He also has onsite visits along with company-oriented legal practices for intellectual property law Israel. He wants to be integrated into the key decision-making teams in companies.

David Pages’ background includes Woolfson Weinstein, serving 7 years as General Counsel and Regulatory Compliance Director of the American Israeli high-tech company Cupron, Inc. Page studied European and French law at the University of Paris but also got a law degree from the University of Chicago law school, where he studied Sunstein, Richard Posner, and Alan Sykes among others. He has degrees from the Humbolt University of Berlin, and Harvard College.

His practice centers around commercial law, corporate law, wills and trusts, estates, and tax planning issues as he is sensitive to the needs of global businesses, and the merger or acquisition of companies.

He has acted as mediator and arbitrator in complex international litigation as well as helping out with Rabbinical Courts because of his experience in intellectual property attorney Israel.

He knows how to help private clients deal with complex government regulations when dealing with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the Food and Drug Administration, FDA, and the European Union CE Mark for Medical Devices as well as cosmetics.

David Page works with intellectual property law in the international market. Valuable patents, designs, trademarks, brand-names, and know-how knows that intellectual property can be difficult to wade through. Lack of coverage in any given country can lead to a devastating loss of a new product or idea in a market that will not cover your invention.

China is a key manufacturing center to try to cover in a business situation like intellectual property law. Shady manufacturers could copy your product although China has decided to comply with global intellectual property laws as the Chinese also have patents.

A copywriter or design patent are weaker than their cousins, the trademark and the patent, which is worth considering if it is to your advantage. With music or films, you need copyright. But also, unique designs can be given a design patent.

A patent has to be a new, inventive thing to release to the world. Some patents have to go across jurisdiction in China, the United States, and the European Union.

Page is familiar with the Patent Cooperation Treaty as a placeholder registering your patent with international patent protection for a couple of years that intellectual property attorney Israel David Page can help you get registered. David Page Law is the lawyer you want.

International Attorneys

David Page Law can help you find a network of international attorneys who know what they are doing. Businesses need to register their business in one country, with that country’s trademark office. You cannot wait too long to register your business name, and it’s web URL.

The longer you wait for your business name, brand names, etc, you will find that you may lose out in your key markets. You need to register a patent right away. Consult with David Page Law for your patent and trademark needs. We have a networked team of international attorneys specializing in regulatory affairs of specific domains.


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