Simple Daily Habits you can do for Wellness, Fitness & Health

Simple Daily Habits you can do for Wellness, Fitness & Health

Who would not love to incorporate new habits in daily life that will transform one’s health, fitness, and wellness for good?

Yes, some habits are difficult to get into one’s life but we don’t want to discuss them here, instead, we’ll be focusing our attention on simple habits.

Just when we say simple to embrace, it doesn’t mean that they are not worth it. Actually, they hold the power to transform your living.

Some of the subheadings below have our fictitious character Mr. X who is a Financial Analyst. He’s being included there for the ease of understanding some concepts.

So, let’s get to discuss our first simple habit, which is to:  

1. Conquer Your Morning Routine

Let’s begin with transforming our morning routine, as it is where we start our proceedings for the day, and getting it right will do the world of good to us.  That being said, let’s think about the number of ways we can alter our morning routine for good.

The first and the obvious is to be active in the morning and for doing that, you’ll have to rise early. If you could not keep your eyes bulging at 4 am, try to be out of bed at 6. And that’s where the game of life will start to turn for you.

Yes, you deserve a pat on the back for getting up this early, but don’t take it as your victory yet. Because we are here to strive for developing the champion’s morning routine.

And a good breakfast this early is not a bad option, as it will vitalize your body for taking on the rest of the challenges for a day. Have a cup of tea with bread, a sandwich, or whatever you like, and then without wasting a second on thinking, get to work on your objectives. Of course, you can’t reach your goal today but we are insisting you take the first step that’ll keep you in the game.

Let’s discuss how Mr. X will transform his morning routine for good. Normally, he gets out of bed an hour before his office time and therefore he doesn’t get enough time for other things rather than just to be getting ready for the office.

He knows his morning routine is a flop and that’s why he needs a change. Since he’s reading our fitness tips, so he’ll follow what’s being requested in the first point to wake up before 6 am and focus on eating a healthy breakfast to charge himself for the rest of the day. Following this for a week now, Mr. X is not only feeling good but also has time to work on other important stuff early in the morning.  

What else can you think that would add to your wellness, fitness & health? Let’s get to another one, which is for you to:

Get Something to Read

A newspaper is not a bad idea, what do you think? We can imagine you agree, so why not get a subscription from a local newspaper distributor today? If you could not imagine good vibes of you reading a newspaper early in the morning, get over the thoughts and get something else to read, just as a non-fiction book, or something like that.

And we are not asking you to read, so you appear intelligent doing it, instead we are asking it so you get intelligent by absorbing information that would expand your mind and may help you work on skills that always bring benefits.

Reading here means, reading anytime during the day, so if you want to keep those books away in the morning, do so anytime you feel comfortable doing it. Now, we know that a good morning routine, and reading something good during a day are two simple habits we need to indulge ourselves in.

How Mr. X will get into a habit of reading something since he doesn’t like it after all? Mr. X knows he likes to avoid reading, but this time he has to embrace this habit for good.

Following our advice, he has subscribed to the local newspaper and has allotted a time of the day to give it a full read. Now that a week has passed, he’s getting into the habit of reading and guess what not sticking to the newspapers only as he went to buy two best-selling books of the year. See, our tips work!

Let’s think of something else, and let’s say it in point no.3, which is to:

Focus your attention on one thing

You’ll love to be appreciated as a multitasker, but that’ll kill your productivity and would not let you utilize full of your energy for doing one task the best way possible.

Therefore, try focusing on performing one task at a time and do it the best way you possibly can. This simple tweak in your focus can bring a lot of positive changes to your lifestyle as well.

At first, Mr. X didn’t believe that he’s not a multitasker, but he realized the truth, soon when we put him to the test. We ask him to read a book and scroll through social media for one hour simultaneously.

After an hour of scrolling and reading, we took away the book and the mobile phone and throw him some questions like what were you reading in the book? What that chapter was all about? How many posts can you recall after all this scrolling?

In short, the session didn’t go well as Mr. X could not recall most of the activities he performed simultaneously for one hour. That’s how he admired us saying to focus on one thing at a time and to do it the best. He’s now focusing on doing one thing, but the question is for how long can he maintain that?  

So, what’s the next habit you can think that’ll lift your wellness, fitness & health? Hold on! We know another one as well, which is to:

Stay with Positive People

It is indeed difficult to let go of your friends who always have a party on mind, who drinks a lot, gossips behind the back, and are frequently involved in more of such unproductive activities. Either because they have wealth in abundance, or they lack focus on their objectives.

It’s time you say no to hangouts with them, even if they insist plus move on to stay with those who have objectives defined in life and who are pursuing them with a positive mindset. But what if he or she is your best friend, childhood friend, or someone like that?

Alright, you can’t leave them! Just limit the time you can allot to them during a day and try spending more time with positive people, and if you don’t know where to find positive people? Go check the nearest library as they most probably are there working on their dreams.

Oh yes! We forgot to mention the important thing, which is to:


Make yourself physically fit and that’s only possible when you start working out daily. Not that you should start lifting those heavy gym rods we are asking, but start doing something like push-ups regularly that’ll help to keep your fitness in check. Running, jumping, or even the simplest walking can also change your fitness for good.

Since, Mr. X is already getting up early in the morning these days, exercising sounds like an easy thing for him that he thinks to be doing it timely. Easy said than done, he faced troubles doing a workout this early at the beginning, but with time, he’s getting better. Importantly, this habit has changed his way of living and thinking a lot.

Sounds like a good habit that you can incorporate to revolutionize your fitness, isn’t it? Indeed! Let’s get to discuss one other habit you can easily incorporate in yourself, which is to:

Learn to meditate properly   

Most of the time we take small things too seriously and get ourselves feeling low for thinking over them again and again. Now the best you could do to avoid them is to transform your focus off them and that’s where you need to meditate daily and properly.

It’s not vital that you meditate like a monk from day first, but start doing it being yourself and keep faith that you’ll get better with time. Getting in the habit of mediation will also help you throw away heavy thoughts of the day that are feeding on your willpower. Now that’s some of the many simple habits that you can easily incorporate in your life to be the best of yourself.

If you don’t have an exercise mat to practice meditation, click to own the best here.

Soon after he read this paragraph, Mr. X went on to shop the yoga mat so, he can start meditating right away since it promises mental peace. Now within the weak time, he’s getting better at practicing yoga poses the right way.

Stay Hydrated 

This is an important habit you should incorporate into your life for wellness, fitness, and health. Just as you know 60 percent of your body weight is due to water and it helps in regulating temperatures plus makes different organs function properly.

The problem is that our body loses water during breathing, digestion, and sweating mostly, therefore, to maintain the same level you have to drink again and drink a lot during the day.

Get Disconnected

Sometimes taking a break from social media, or other such activities that you daily perform can make you feel good.

Commonly termed as the social media detox and it’s a challenge on its own to cut off from your virtual friends living and greeting you from different corners of the world and be present with your family or to concentrate on a much vital task at hand.

Since it’s a challenge so it’s not among the easiest things to do, but once it gets a habit, you’ll love to practice it on weekends.

Take a Walk

Save some time of the day from your busy schedule to walk on a long-distance as this activity will bring positive changes in your fitness, health, and mood as well. We are emphasizing the long distance because that’s where it gets a challenge and you grow once you start conquering these challenges.

Don’t complicate this activity by going to the special walking zones, like parks or something as you can keep it simple by getting home on feet rather than wheels after working hours.

If you reside far away from your workplace, don’t bother these thoughts as you can find a walking distance with your visit to the market or while doing such other mundane activities. Hence, make sure you walk, walk, and walk for 30 minutes at least.   

Invest in Fitness Gizmos

Latest fitness gadgets can get you closer to achieving your fitness goals faster than desired. For instance, wearing a smartwatch will keep track of your steps while you walk or run during the day with indicating how many calories have you burned during the particular period.

Not only will it help in measuring your fitness status, but will also keep you motivated to walk even more the next day. We have concentrated a lot on the smartwatch as being the fitness gadget here since there are more such useful tech gadgets available that can help a lot in transforming your health, fitness, and mood.  


A good habit has the power to transform your life and make you get to your goals faster than you have desired. Developing a good habit is a challenge and your mind won’t love it if practicing it involves a degree of hardship.

That’s why we have concentrated on listing 10 simple habits that you can embrace while staying in a loop of performing routine activities.  

Since you have reached the end of this blog post, we hope you have enjoyed the read. Further, if you feel we have skipped a point or two here, make sure you let us know with your comments.

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