Roof Repairs: Using Technology To Your Advantage 

You’re sitting down to have a family meal when all of a sudden droplets of water begin to rain down from your ceiling. It’s the first time this has ever happened to you as a homeowner and with unexpected costs coming up over the years that you’ve had to deal with you know how expensive home repairs can truly get. But a roof is different, a roof is more expensive and more of an investment. But where do you start in terms of calculating how much of a dent your roof repair will truly cost?

Instead of going to the internet in an effort to find your closest roof repair company, take the matter into your own hands. There are plenty of online roofing estimate resources that you can use that not only help you calculate the total cost of your repair based upon the square footage of your home but select installation dates of your new roof, as well as order materials and much more. You’re taking the cost of your roof repair into your own hands without all the hassle and extreme prices that get tacked on for such a job.

There are plenty of other technologies out there that will help you every step of the way. Not only will these sites give you the true costs of labor and materials when it comes to your roof repair that will help allow you to negotiate prices with your contractors

Roof Repairs: Using Technology To Your Advantage 

Benefits to Doing It Yourself

But what are some benefits to taking matters regarding roof repairs into your hands rather than leaving everything up to a roof repair company? 

You can save money. The average amount of savings that a homeowner can achieve due to an online roofing estimate is anywhere from 20 to 30%. Not only is this a significant amount to save on roof repair, but the money you save can easily be put towards saving up for a vacation or splurging on renovating another part of your home.

Especially when the average cost for reroofing a home can cost anywhere from $7,000 or up with the average cost of materials clocking in at $5,000. All together that means the average homeowner will be spending nearly $12,000 out of pocket for roof repair.

That’s a large, substantial amount of money to be spending out of pocket for a repair that probably was sudden and is necessary to do. With an online roofing estimate not only are you saving money on roof repair, but it’s also helping to help mitigate the costs that you’ll be spending to get your roof fixed.

There are even tools that calculate the wide range of pricing when it comes to repairing your roof. There are many tools that not only factor in the cost of building permits, but also the low, mid, and high range costs that are associated with roof repairs. Some even calculate into the cost the fees that many contractors include in their own. Especially fees for tearing off or removing sections of the roof if it needs to be done. 

Not only will these technologies factor in the cost of materials and other factors, but many of these technologies also have images that show different roof types for you to easily decide and determine which roofing style would look best with your home. Especially if you want to redo the look of your roof or decide to renovate it. With hundreds of options ranging from shingles to more elaborate options such as rubber roofing materials.

Physical Labor

Getting through this article, one thing must have been present on your mind or even when you discovered that your roof needed to be repaired. Will I have to do the physical labor myself? Luckily, the answer is no. Many technologies that allow you to learn the estimate of your roof repair costs among other things use satellite imaging when you input your address in order to calculate the cost of your roof.

Even if you’re ordering materials through online sites or any number of aiding technologies, the guarantee is that you won’t have to perform any physical labor by yourself. Meaning there’s no need for you to have to dig out your ladder, or purchase one from a home goods store, climb your roof and manually measure it yourself.

The only thing you’ll need to do for many of these technologies is input your address, kick back, relax and let the technology do all the work for you. If anything roof repair companies will get onto the roof if they need to recheck the measurements, but beyond that, you’re already doing the work for them.

Using the Tools to Save You Money

Suspect that damage to your roof was caused by bad weather? Another cool thing about getting an estimated cost for your roof with the technology available to you is that you can use it to submit claims to your insurance. Not everyone knows that this is an option available to them, or even an option available at all.

But with the simple aid of technology, you can easily call your insurance and ask for an adjuster to come out and verify your claims. Once the adjuster approves your claims you can easily use that money from your insurance to repair your roof.

Multiple Levels

If you’re worried about the fact that your home doesn’t have a single roof like most homes do, such as if you live in a Victorian home that has multiple-slope sections or dormers/towers, then don’t be terrified. Many of the technologies referenced for this article take into account that not all homes are built the same, in fact, many allow you to input the fact that your roof isn’t exactly standard or even comes with slopes. All of which gets factored into the overall total of your estimate with such technology.

Now that you know that there are a multitude of technologies out there for you, it’s up to you to find the right one that you feel will not only determine all the factors that you feel are needed to give you a good estimate but also feels comfortable for you.

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