All You Need To Know Before Buying Karaoke Cds

These days many people love to associate with singing and dancing. Almost all television and radio channels play music and host talent shows. You listen, see and feel the urge to possess this talent within you or feel as if you had it since birth. Singing is a very much part of everyday life and it’s a drug that can heal your state of mind, lifting up your spirit and health.

If you are someone who loves music, have a passion for singing and wish to spread your voice gradually to the world, make a CD singing 10 of your best songs.

Just make sure you concentrate on your voice, pitch rightly and you feel like an onstage singer. Karaoke is super fun; it offers social entertainment because you can simply sing along with your favorite tracks.

It’s now very successful and is here to stay in years to come as more and more youth take part in such activities. If you are an enthusiast, its best to purchase karaoke home-based equipment, it’s artistic and very affordable. It’s not enough to buy just a player because you also need a large collection of karaoke music.

All You Need To Know Before Buying Karaoke Cds

The karaoke formats

Take a look at the different karaoke media formats:

  • Compact Disc – Karaoke CDs are optical discs mainly used to store music and to play you must have a CD drive. These CDs have the vocal tracks but there are no lyrics and graphics.
  • Compact Disc plus Graphics – It’s a CD format that does not have vocal tracks but have lyrics and the graphics. This was once very popular but it’s slowly losing its ground.
  • Compact Disc plus Extended Graphics – This is much more enhanced with advanced pixels, colors and lines. It’s compatible with all players so you can give it a try.
  • Digital files – With the advent of computer technology there is a demand for digital files that can be downloaded. The entire industry has accepted digital format of music.
  • Karaoke DVD (KDVD) – The disc contains advanced graphics and video. Many karaoke players can display the video with the lyrics or maybe on a different video screen. DVDs can hold high-quality tunes and videos.
  • Karaoke Blu-Ray – These hold very high quality videos like 3D and 1080p and can accommodate too many songs.

Karaoke CD and their types

You have lot of options while buying CDs so you might feel it’s very simple to pick from a local shop or order online. But it’s always great to do the homework so that you don’t end up buying lackluster stuffs. Now have a look at the variety of karaoke CDs:

  • Singles – These CDs have the best songs of the era or of a genre. They have the songs that list top in the chart and you will fall in love with the melodies
  • Artists collection – These are by the top artists so its best if you wish to have all your best songs and you can sing along.
  • Genre – Find collections of songs of different categories like hip-hop, pop, romantics, songs from any specific country etc. It’s good if you have a specific taste.
  • Movies – Your favorite tracks might be from any movie and these karaoke CD contains the best songs from specific movie.
  • Albums – You might get a whole album for karaoke and these are released along with the record labels. These are not very popular.
  • Decade collection – Some CDs aim at a particular era, a period like 70s, 80s, 90s etc.

You can Shop karaoke CDs online  

All karaoke enthusiasts must take adequate time to research and browse through the collections online, you might come across a wide range of karaoke songs and CDs. Visit different sites and compare prices, look for authorized dealers, find out buyer protection policy and ensure free shipping before you purchase. Read reviews about consumer satisfaction, it’s a must. Indulging in karaoke is a wonderful pastime, probably the best entertainment. The way to an awesome experience is a varied music library.


Rather than shopping from a traditional site, its best to go online. The fact is apart from the urban areas, local inventories are not very impressive, and they have limited songs of few artists.

While shopping online, you can access unlimited library and shop at low prices. Buying karaoke music depends on your preference and what format the player supports. There are people who love to collect the physical aspect, thus love CDs and there are a group of people who fall in love with digital ones and download in the machine directly.


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