What is it like to have a newborn shoot?

There are a lot of moments in the life that offer a smile on the viewer’s face. All of us like to live such moments again and again but one has to accept the fact that the moment passed cannot come again. However, with the help of the camera one can capture such moments with lens and preserve the sweet memories as images.

For such glorious moments any simple photographer cannot be of great use and hence one needs to hire the skillful photographer from the known photography firm. For the beautiful moments of new-born, there are new-born photographers who just don’t have the professional skills but also patience that is a required skill to deal with babies.

What is it like to have a newborn shoot?

These are the moments that one needs to know in a blink of eye and capture immediately. There are many people who love photographs in this age also and for them, such memories play a vital role to recollect the moments.

We are not just ordinary photographers. We know where to click at what time that can help the client to have optimum satisfaction with our skill.

Only clicking of pictures means nothing until they have an important moment behind it and only the experienced photographers can capture such images from the right angle which makes it a memorable picture than just a simple photograph.

We also offer a beautiful collection of albums and frames that can hold the images intact for a longer period and one can repeatedly remind the glorious past with different people and generations.

We give parents a one-of-a-kind experience by capturing the first precious moments of their little one with professional pictures. Newborns are unpredictable in their facial expressions and a smile will often flit across their face in a quick movement.

And, This moment can only be preserved by a professional who can capture your newborn baby’s first adorable grin. Because we are specially trained in capturing these moments on film, we can lead itself to breath-taking and cute pictures for parents to always treasure.

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We have earned a reputation for working hard throughout our newborn sessions. We have the unwavering patience to wait while your baby has all the changes, feedings, and cuddles so that we can produce the best quality images.

One more factor that differentiates us from the other newborn photographers is professional training in the craft of newborn photography. We work tirelessly so that we can explore and unleash new ways to further our craft producing exceptional quality.

Our focus is on the quality of each picture we take. Because of our unique approach, we have been the preferred newborn photographer for over thousands of newborn babies.

To catch the moments of a newborn is really not easy and collection of such images is really a treasure of memories.

There are a lot of photographers in the field who offer excellent services as far as picture taking is concerned. However, in the field of photography rather than just clicking the camera, the vision behind every image is important, which is a skill of photographer and one cannot develop the same overnight. It needs dedication to the field for a number of years and hence we are best known as newborn photographers in the field.

Every parent loves to capture the movements of his baby through the lens so that the same can offer excellent memories in future. We offer our best skill to the client in this field as we are master of this art. There are a number of moments with a baby that can help the parents to watch the childhood once the baby has grown up.

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The babies don’t offer perfect pose for the images and hence a photographer has to wait for a right moment or keep on clicking till the right pose is offered.  We are not just professional but the artists who master our skill with the lens. We understand the importance of these images as a future reference for parents and hence offer greater quality with professional craftsmanship.

How We Work

We are a family run studio. Bot me and my husband are photographers. Cris, my husband will always be the photographer I will position and look after the babies. We are parents so we understand how precious your baby is to you. Your new-born photography experience with us will be very relaxed.

Before the photo-shoot, I spend a lot of time with the baby so that I can make your baby feel comfortable with me.

There will be plenty of opportunities if you breastfeed as we will be taking loads of breaks. To get the sweet new-born in the best mood, we encourage you to breastfeed as soon as you get to the studio. With a full belly and contact with mom, your baby should feel secure and happy.

Our plan is to keep the baby asleep so that we can capture his/her perfect features in the cutest positions. We don’t do crazy photoshoots as for us safety is always number one. We will not force your baby into any positions that he/she doesn’t want to be in.

After the newborn photoshoot, we then take the pictures of baby and mom, baby and dad and then the 3 of them. In case there are siblings, then their pictures will be taken before the mum and dad. We always take the family pictures at the end.

In case baby does not settle and want to be with mum, we can change the order.

Once the shoot is done, it gets into processing and after 2 weeks you will get a link to your private gallery. You can select a photo and that photo will be printed on canvas. You will have the access to photos for 30 days in which you can print the pictures or even order additional canvases. All these can be done from the comfort of home. The gallery closes after 30 days.

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