Last Minute JEE Preparation Tips That Actually Work

If you spend some time with engineering aspirants in India they will mostly talk about how they want to successfully crack the IIT Joint Entrance Exam and get into their dream college. And why not? Since the inception of the entrance exam, JEE has become the most popular and prestigious exam for getting admission into some of the top IITs or NITs and other engineering colleges in the country.

However, it is not so easy to succeed or crack the exams. There is intense competition as lakhs of candidates appear for the exams and the syllabus is usually vast. Candidates have to put in some serious hard work along with choosing the right study techniques. While the race to get a seat in the best institution is neck to neck it is crucial for aspirants to prepare effectively for the exams.

Examinees should choose the right method that will have a positive impact on their performance. They further need to overcome all their shortcomings and avoid making silly mistakes as it may cost the seat in some top institute. Having said that, we have listed a few last minute guide or JEE preparation tips that candidates can follow and come out with flying colours in the exams.

Last Minute JEE Preparation Tips That Actually Work

Time To Practice And Sharpen The Formulas, Theorem and Reactions

As the time for the exams draw closer JEE candidates should revise and practice all the important formulas, theorems and the reactions. Remembering these will be vital in solving questions in the exams. Making flashcards or writing the formulas in a notebook can help in easily revising the topics.

Use The Right JEE Resources

Candidates should make use of the right IIT JEE resources or study materials that will add to their preparation. They should also make it a point to solve question papers and attempt mock test papers. This will help candidates analyze their preparation level as well as gain valuable insights about JEE exam pattern, types of questions, marking scheme and other details.

Don’t Leave Any Doubts Unattended

It is very important for candidates to clear all their doubts regarding any topic or concept. This should be done at the earliest and candidates can either approach their mentors, teachers, parents and even their friends with good knowledge about the subject to get a better idea or information. Gaining a clear understanding of the concepts is especially important in solving questions asked in the JEE format.

Avoid Overworking And Long Study Hours

Candidates during the exam time tend to burn the midnight oil and study more than the required amount of time. But this is a wrong practice. Instead, candidates should get a significant amount of sleep and rest. Candidates will be able to study properly and grasp things better only with a refreshed mindset.

Revisions Before Exams Is Crucial

After reading the books, notes and practising problems, candidates should engage themselves in conducting revisions of whatever they have studied before the final exams. This is an important study exercise that will help them remember the topics much easier and for a longer period of time. Candidates should plan and allocate enough time for revisions of each subject. Do not learn new concepts or ideas during this period.

Be In The Right Mindset

It is important for all the JEE candidates to develop or be in the right mindset before the exams. They should be positive and have faith in their ability to achieve success in the final exam. Candidates should not take any stress and be calm. Avoid studying too much and taking frequent breaks in between is sensible.

Maintain Good Health

 This is one of the most important factors for candidates to do well in the exams. They can study and perform excellently only if they maintain good health. Candidates should, therefore, maintain a healthy diet and exercise regularly.

These are some of the last minute study hacks that JEE aspirants can follow and be ahead in the competition.

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