How can non-native English speakers accurately gauge their English-speaking skills?

People often call the English language as ‘the language of the world’. More than 360 million people call it their first language, and that’s not even taking into consideration almost a billion non-native speakers present all over the world. Hence, it shouldn’t be surprising as to why it is the most important language in the world.

It is often called the international business language, as many of the best courses in the world are taught in English, so being fluent in it can put you in a position to get the best training and credentials. Most top companies require their employees to be proficient in English  in order to get a position in their company.

How can non-native English speakers accurately gauge their English-speaking skills?

Economies have been expanding rapidly over the years, and being fluent in English can really put you in a favourable position. Regardless of what anyone’s native language might be, it’s fairly probable that the said person still has some knowledge when it comes to the English language.  `

However, a majority of the population lacks basic skills in English speaking, reading,, and writing. There could obviously be several reasons – it could be a lack of exposure, improper education, or a lack of understanding. When it comes to learning a language, self-confidence is important as it will not only help in better understanding but in learning too.

A great way to instil some much-needed confidence in people who wish to learn the English language is by giving an English exam that will help a person gauge their overall aptitude. After all, not only is attempting an exam a great way to find out where you stand regarding a particular subject, but it will also compel you to learn more about the language. This will help you in attaining a broader understanding of the language as a whole.

When it comes to choosing the best English standardized test out there, the Pearson Test of English –  or PTE for short – takes the cake in this regard. Its technologically-advanced nature, coupled with the sheer availability of this test all over the world, make it the perfect English exam for non-native speakers to get an objective analysis of their English skills.

Before taking any test, it is very crucial to ask 3 questions – why are you taking the test in the first place? What benefit will you enjoy from this? Does it meet your requirements? Regardless of whether you’re a native speaker or not, taking this test will definitely aid you.

While there might be other English standardised tests out there, the PTE Academic exam definitely has a slight edge over its competitors. It is fast, flexible, fair, relevant, and is accepted by universities & professional associations all over the world. 

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