5 exercises for writers and office workers

Whether you are a freelance writer or an employee reporting to an office every morning, work without play or exercise is sure to make you dull. Being dull means, you will soon start feeling bored, stressed and focus will begin to wane. Most importantly, anyone who works but forgets to take a break for exercising is bound to end up putting a lot of effort into a task yet there is nothing to show for it. Experts call it low productivity. Thus, you may want to start by asking this question: How does exercise contribute to your output at the workplace?

The truth is that every employee always wants to give his or best shot at assignments. And if a writer working from the comfort of your living room, you would wish to suffer from bouts of fatigue because you refuse to take a break. For starters, asking My Paper Writer to craft a research paper on this issue would be a good starting point. But, there is more. In this post, therefore, explore top five exercises for writers and office workers.

5 exercises for writers and office workers

1. Do squats regularly

While squats are agreeably a simple exercise, it might just be what you need to regain focus and get back your work muse.  But according to fitness experts, sitting for long hours isn’t healthy in the long run. You need a break to stretch out leg and back muscles. It is where squats come into play as a befitting exercise for office workers and writers.

2. Go for a walk

Another effective exercise for those who spend long hours seated at the office or on their computers is talking a walk. If you haven’t thought about it, then it is time to give it a try. People who go for a walk every morning or evening as a way of exercise experience higher levels of fitness than those who do not. Experts opine that walking is a great way to burn calories, in which case, you don’t run a risk of becoming overweight. Moreover, given that it is a high recommended cardiovascular exercise, keep walking to stretch constricted muscles and tendons in your joints.

3. Try chair dips

Chair dips is a great alternative for regular dips, especially for those who work at the office or spend hours on their PCs writing a manuscript. It is a great way to exercise your shoulder muscles, triceps and pectorals so that you are always in great shape and mood throughout a day of hard work. You only need at most, ten minutes to do chair dips and back to work.

4. Seated Spinal Twist

Seated spinal twist is another office exercise you can do while on your workplace seat. All you have to do is with your hands on the armchair, turn your body then twist to the left while dropping your shoulders. With a flexible spine, you are rest assured of not only a great posture but also flexible hips and shoulders.

5. Take their stairs

If your office is situated on the fifth floor, you don’t always have to take the life.  You can always take the staircase going up and down. It is a great way to burn calories without stepping into a fitness center after office hours.

6. Lift and lower your abs

Exercising your midsection and abs is something you can do even at the office. All you have to do is lay flat on your back the lift your legs straight in the air.  In this position, use your core to lift both your legs up and down whole ensuring they don’t touch the ground. Repeat for about five minutes.

Final Words

If you hardly get time to exercise, then you can still do it right in the office. It is because there is no perfect time for keeping fit for work, especially for those who report to work very early in the morning and leave for home late in the evening.

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