What is Akamai Netsession client and Is it safe to Remove?

Akamai Netsession Client is application software which uses peer to peer network for delivering the speed and efficiency to download and stream the data/media content on the Internet. The software is gaining popularity and many media publishers are using it to deliver the content to you. When you are downloading a PDF file/media document, chances are this download is powered by Akamai client.

What is Akamai Netsession client and Is it safe to Remove?

The first question coming to mind is: what is a peer to peer network?

In a peer to peer network, the computer machines are connected to each other through the internet. The data or files can be shared by these connected computers and there is no requirement of the central server.

Each and every computer is a client as well as a server. Thus the system reduces the download time and speeds up the download process.

The Akamai Netsession client acts as a download manager and as a peer-to-peer server. This is what makes Akamai unique.

The Akamai Netsession client might be pre-installed or it comes with an application you are trying to install (as a package). You can observe in many PC games that the package is getting installed automatically.

The Akamai client has access to the public and private network of your computer. Almost 30% of the global web traffic is served by the Akamai’s content delivery system. Akamai operates on a network of servers on the global scale and rents out these servers’ capacity to the people who need faster networking content.

The Netsession client is an extension of the Akamai’s global server network which helps in faster and complete downloads.

Features of Akamai’s Netsession Client:

Safety and Privacy:

The first and foremost feature to discuss is safety. The Akamai Netsession Interface is safe and protects the privacy of the user. Also, the interface provides safety against Internet threats as well. The information captured by the Akamai’s Interface is similar to a server. This information is used to rectify the network and troubleshoot any grievance.

The interface is on 24*7 rigorous attack prevention state. The connection is secure with world-class encryption and SSL security. In this way, the safety and privacy of a user are ensured.

Design and Fairness:

The Netsession client treats every client equally. The software resources are utilized in a proper fashion and the Netsession client is designed to run as a background application service.

This way the service does not interrupt the running applications or affect user activity in any sense. The user experience is not at all distorted by the Netsession client. Sometimes your device may upstream the data which is normal in peer to peer networking but Akamai Netsession client upstream the data of the idle computer only.

The computer which is idle or using minimal network resources is used to upstream the data. The working of the Akamai’s client is quite sensitive, fair, and polite in terms of a delivery system. It maximizes the download performance of the network without disturbing the busy machines/users.


Akamai Netsession clients are known for their excellent quality and quick content delivery. The quality of the client interface can be judged on the following points:

    • Speed: Speed is the most talked and promising quality of the Akamai client Interface. The interface is backed by the high-performing content delivery network which can pull the data from 40 sources at the same time. The speed ensures fast downloading and streaming.
    • Support: The Akamai support center is always available at your service, 7 days a week and 24*7 hours a day.
    • Reliability: The network is always in working mode. If any link breaks then there are several other links which are always available. The servers of the Akamai Networks make sure the links are working. Thus in this context, Akamai Netsession client is more reliable.
    • Experience: Client technology is designed to club the features of media application and computer software. The client interface includes background downloading, download management, live streaming, progressive media download, and many more cool features (both live and on-demand).
    • Content: Almost 30% of the online content is delivered by Akamai Technologies and the company makes sure you are able to access it efficiently and quickly. Therefore, various media houses are using Akamai’s tools for the delivery of the content.


The Company believes in the complete transparency of the information and control of the data by the user. The Company provides information regarding the working of the software on the client side and answers any queries on any topic.

The customer support and the FAQs section contain the solutions of the small-small questions. The user can watch the activities of the client interface at any moment.

The developed system is polite in using the resources of the user’s machine and it never alters the status quo of the system. The control is in the hands of the user and he/she can change it anytime. The control panel is named as System preferences pane in Mac devices and Control panel in Windows devices.

Some of the common questions answered:

Features of Akamai’s Netsession Client:

Can I see the activity happening in the Netsession client?

Yes, you can review the activity or control the activity happening in the Netsession client. In Windows, open the Akamai Netsession Interface control panel and review/alter the activities. In Mac OS X, open System preferences pane and check for the client interface.

Is Akamai Netsession a Virus/Malware?

No. Akamai Netsession is not a Virus/Spyware/Malware; it does not gather or transfer the information of any of its user. The utility of the tool is to speed up downloads and uploads.

It does not deliver the content without your approval and downloads the data after you requested it. So, we can say that using the Akamai Netsession Interface is safe. The interface is a download manager which enhances the download speed of the slow machines.

Does Akamai Netsession client affect my upload or download speed?

Netsession is a background application and it uses very fewer resources of your machine. It only uses the upload bandwidth when the system is idle. You will sense any change in your computing ability. If you feel uploading of data is reducing the speed or anything, you can always pause or disable the uploads.

Can I stop the Netsession temporarily?

Yes, you can shut down the Netsession temporarily. If you are shutting it down then your current Netsession uploads and downloads will be stopped. For stopping it temporarily, open the control panel.

Then selects the preferences tab, and browse the service option and you have to select the stop button. Services will be stopped temporarily.

How to uninstall Akamai Netsession Client?

If you want to uninstall the Netsession Client, you have to be sure because many of your applications might misbehave. The cause of this misbehavior is that these applications use the service of Netsession Client and if you want to remove the Client from your machine, you need to remove these applications also. The process of removal is quite simple and it will be completed within seconds.

  • For Windows:
    • The First step is to browse to the windows control panel.
    • Select the Akamai Netsession Interface.
    • Click on the change/remove option, then click yes to confirm.
  • For Macintosh:
    • You have to find the Netsession Interface installation folder, which is ~/Applications/Akamai/.
    • Just double click the uninstaller application and confirm your choice.

Akamai Netsession Autodesk:

Autodesk Download Manager extracts the packaged files while they download and enhance the working of your network. Autodesk has an automatic feature to retry, restart, and smart error handling during the download session.

This particular product allows you to download three files simultaneously. Also, you can add an unlimited number of files to the waiting queue. It works with the Akamai Netsession Interface and both of them require a small space of 10-15 MB on your machine.

As we know from this article that Akamai Netsession Client is a Download-accelerator as well as one of the largest content distribution networks in the industry. Now let us learn something about the Content Distribution Network.

What is the Content Distribution Network (CDN)?

Content Distribution Network is a network of distributed proxy servers and the data centers geographically. The ultimate goal of the CDN is to ensure all time availability and to improve the performance by the distribution technique.

It is also known as Content Delivery Network. CDNs are the major traffic drivers on the Internet nowadays and it includes web objects, downloadable objects, applications, streaming data, and social media. Actually, CDNs are like a hidden layer in the Internet ecosystem.

Content owners like big media houses pay the CDN companies to deliver their content to the end users. There are various advantages of using the content distribution network:

  • The connectivity is increased exponentially with the help of the CDNs. Therefore, this will have a huge impact and improve SEO.
  • Also, Google ranking process counts the speed of the webpage, the faster your webpage is, the better your rank.
  • The content distribution network protects you from DDOS attacks and various security measures are implemented along with it.
  • Encryption and secure tokens are additional features in the security
  • The distribution network is easy to integrate and it is compatible with almost all the frameworks.
  • You can check the steps of integration and follow these steps to start your journey with CDNs.
  • CDNs protect you from the webpage downtime.
  • Whether the traffic is increasing or not, CDNs can handle a spike in the traffic and makes your webpage accessible without much time delay.
  • Since most of the content on the webpage is static and this data is stored on the edge servers, this takes the load off the main server.
  • Content distribution network will provide a much better user experience.
  • The visible reason here is the loading speed, low bounce rate, and better conversions.
  • For any website owner, this makes a difference and has a significant impact.
  • With the reduction in loading time, the visitors will not abandon the page midway and will crave for more content.

Pros and Cons of using Akamai Netsession Client:


  • Akamai’s DDOS protection technology is one of the strongest in the industry.
  • Caching the data is also one of the promising features which speed up the process, save money, and enhance the user experience.
  • You can fine-tune any of the settings in the Netsession client according to your convenience. The flexibility feature is not available with all of the service providers.
  • Customer support is excellent and many of the queries are pre-resolved. You can check the FAQs section for some common errors and queries.


  • Netsession Client might upload data when the machine is not idle. It can be stopped temporarily.
  • Sometimes the user interface is difficult to understand and might be confusing too.


Coming down to the conclusion part of this article, you might have understood that loading speed matters a lot relative to a webpage. As the Akamai Netsession Client uses the CDN technology, it makes loading faster with almost zero downtime.

It is safe to download and run this interface on your machine because it is reliable, speeds up downloads, and an efficient CDN. If you are using the Akamai Interface, the websites will render quickly, downloading a file will be faster, and you will feel secure with DDOS and additional protection.

The interface is not spyware, malware, or any intrusive device. It does not share your precious data with any of the third party. You can always remove or temporarily stop the Akamai Netsession interface from your machine. You can monitor the activities happening within the Interface via a control panel available on your computer.

Also, the interface does not affect the upstream speed of your computer; it uses a minimum bandwidth only when the machine is in an idle state. So, do not worry about Akamai Netsession Client and enjoy the cool features of the interface listed above.

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