How to unclog the toilet when nothing works?

How to unclog the toilet when nothing works?

With the large number of problems we face in our day to day lives, the toilet clogging problem is one of them. This would be a blend of horror when the toilet refuses to flush.

This problem occurs in homes as well as in public areas. This petrifying problem creates an uncomfortable environment in the bathroom. It just makes the bathroom unhygienic to use and prevent the normal use of it.

A clogged toilet is troublesome for people using public toilets in their day to day lives. The toilet water and waste tend to flow over the bowl, causing irritation and nausea in people.

So, to handle this situation, you need to unclog the toilet. No matter, this task is very frustrating and undignified, but you need to do that to control the clogged toilet. But, did you even think about why your toilet gets clogged?

Toilets are considered to be one of the unappreciated parts of your house. Only a few people think about the functioning of them until it gets clogged. There are many issues that cause major blocking of your toilets.

So, to eliminate this issue, we will discuss some best preventive measures and ways that you should follow. But first, start with the reasons that causing blockages in your toilet. So, let’s get started.

Reasons behind your clogged toilets

There are several reasons that result in clogged toilets. We have listed some top reasons that cause major issues in the clogging of your toilet. They are:

Clogged Drain that you cannot identify

One of the major reasons behind your toilet clogging is the clogged drain lines. The drain lines get clogged due to regular waste and paper products that being pushed in your toilet. It may include broken hair tends, paper, waste, or any other object that may cause blockage in your drain pipes. So, to overcome this, you need to clean your drain pipes with a regular interval of time. When you clean your drain lines, then it will restore your toilet service.

Low flushed toilets

Low flushed toilets use a low amount of water to flush waste in toilets. This type of toilets causes problems that result in the clogging of toilets. It uses low water to drain waste through drainage pipes.

Less pressure applied to the tank

Another main reason for toilet clogging is the less pressure you apply while flushing. This makes the waste stay for longer in drainage pipes. So, this could be one of the reasons for clogged drain pipes.

Problems with Hard Water

Most of the homeowners face this consistent problem when it comes to hard water supply and soft water supply. If the hard water stored in the flush tank and used for flushing waste, then it will create a white substance that will be difficult to remove. It can also shorten the path to pass the waste through drain pipes.

Problems used in Flushing wipes

If you believe or not, but the wipes are not meant to be flushed in your bowl. This is considered to be the number one cause for clogging of toilet pipes. These wipes also cause damage to drain pipes.

Low on maintenance

Clogs also happen when you are low on maintenance. The pipes that are placed outside your house may cause clogs and become a crucial factor for clogging.

Slow-moving septic systems

Slow-moving septic systems are one of the reasons for toilet clogging. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain a clean and healthy septic system. This will create a proper balance between the water and waste to flow.

Old pipes

No one thinks of this point that old pipes may also lead to clogging of toilets. Old pipes have a high chance of being collapsed, and therefore, they cause multiple problems related to drainage.

So, these are some reasons through which you can face pipe clogging problems. In order to solve this issue, the homeowner must keep in mind the process of working on pipes in the system.

All septic tanks have a specific process to operate, and if there will be any obstacle that comes in its way, then they get clogged. Avoidance of flushing certain materials can help you solve this issue to some extent. In this article, we will explain some ways that you can follow if nothing works for you.

Ways to unclog toilet if nothing works for you

This dreaded scenario occurs to every person, and when it gets solved, we make fun with a good story to tell our friends. There are various solutions to unclog the toilet. But, we are here to provide the best solutions that definitely work for you and help you to solve the clogged toilet. So, let’s get started with the best ways to solve this issue.

Hot water works for you

If your toilet gets clogged, then hot water can easily work for you. You just need to add a dish wash liquid in hot water and pour it in the shell. After that, you need to wait for 15 to 20 minutes so that the whole warm water would drain easily. This method is not a guaranteed solution.

However, it will work most of the time in the case of clogged toilets. This method usually works in case of clogged toilet paper in the drain pipes. The materials causing clogged water issues will outflow, resulting in the clean pipes. Once the materials get outflow, you need to wait for a few times and add baking soda with vinegar in the shell. Wait for some time and press the cistern afterward.

Do plunge like a pro

The most popular way to unclog the toilet is to make the use of plungers. It works in a simple way to unclog all the materials from your drainage pipes. If you are using a plunger and still not able to solve this issue, then maybe you are using the wrong plunger.

Instead of cup type plungers, you can make the use of a flange plunger. These types of plungers have rubber sleeves that extend down below the surface. Flange plungers with boots work well to clean all the dust and uncertainties present in the drainage systems.

In order to clean the clogged pipe, you need to insert the plunger at a particular angle to fit the boot. Make sure the boot fills water, not air, and when you press down, it will open the clogged hole.

Toilet auger

This is the tool that works well to clean the clogged toilet area. It works like a standard drain pipe and accommodates sharp turns inside the toilet bowl. It will insert in such a way that it cannot harm any part of the bowl.

You can rotate the tool handle in the clockwise direction and snag the obstruction from the pipe. This method is the best-considered method to unclog the toilet.

Make use of dry cleaner

This method is not followed by many people, but it surely helps to remove the clogged deformities from the drainage pipes. To make use of it, you need to wear your gloves and make use of a vacuum cleaner to suck the water completely.

This is because the vacuum cleaner can also suck all unwanted materials from the toilet. Once you empty the bowl, just drag the cleaner to the bottom of the bowl. Suck all other deformities present there. Once all deformities get out, you can flush the toilet and observe that the water flows quickly. 


In this article, we have discussed some of the ways that will help you to unclog the toilet. These ways serve as an effective method to drain obstructions. So, if you face this problem again in your toilets, do follow these methods.

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