How to Keep Bathroom Clean and Hygienic

November 19 may be known as the World Toilet Day mainly dealing with the action for tackling the crisis related to sanitation. This will increase awareness among the public for keeping their toilets hygienic and clean. Keeping toilets clean and hygienic will help in maintaining safety as well as increasing the survival span of a person’s life.

A clean bathroom means a hygienic one whereas when guests come they will also get amazed by the cleanliness of your bathroom. Attract your guest, keep yourself safe and protected by keeping the bathroom clean.

How to Keep Bathroom Clean and Hygienic

Cleaning of bathroom

Cleaning of the bathroom does not mean to clean the floor only, but it also means cleaning of walls as well as toilet seats, basins, bathtub and other things whichever is there in the bathroom.

If a person is having any kind of strength issues or other kinds of disability have the tendency to causing bathroom floor contamination. You will also have to use many disinfecting agents to keep your bathroom free from germs. The disinfecting agent must be applied to the bathroom at least a single time in a week. Basically, the bacteria, as well as molds, are formed in the bathroom because of the less airflow in the bathroom and also because of the accumulation of moisture.

It is important that you seek the right help for keeping your bathroom clean. If one is unable to use a plunger and also finds stinking to use a plunger then there are many steps which one must follow to keep their bathroom clean. There are few ways to unclog a toilet without plunger. As the rooms are full of moist there is a greater chance of generation of bacteria as well as mold. A good cleaning of your bathroom can help you to protect your home from different types of diseases.

Aicool smart trash can is a smart can which have capability of recognizing your hand gesture that with a simple wave of your hand you can open it. Moreover, it is having ability to change the bags for trash automatically and fingerprint proof coating is also there. So adding Aicool smart trash can to your bathroom is also a good idea to keep your bathroom clean.

Few ways to unclog your bathroom without a plunger

Using a plunger to unclog bathroom may be tiring one and may also not be the best way for unclogging your toilet. One may also not feel comfortable to clean the toilet by using a plunger. So there are certain hacks which will help you for sure to clean and unclog the toilet and act as a replacement for the plunger. Few ways are mentioned below:-

1. Method of hot water

Application of hot water may be an important way as well as a good and effective way to keep your toilet clean. You must make sure that you are not using boiling water for cleaning the toilet as the boiling water will generate cracks on toilets and so hot water but not boiling is important.

Pouring of water is to be done and must also be allowed for sitting. This will play a major role in removing the brown which one is wishing to flush. So try this effective way of applying hot water to clean your toilet.

2. Application of dish soap

One can easily use the dish soap form the kitchen for breaking the browns in the bathroom. So take the dish soap from the kitchen and if you are not having the dish soap then you can also use shampoo in place of the dish soap.

Here also adding of hot water is required. Try to stir the shampoo or the dish soap in the hot water for some time and then apply it to the toilets. But to get a full effect from this you will have to keep the mixture overnight.

3. Use of Epsom salts

If you are staying in a friend’s house then you can use the Epsom salt for instant clean of the toilet. This will for sure clean the toilet and no need of worrying about any other thing. So by this, you won’t have to face any embarrassing moment however you will only have to tell your friend about the thing which you have used.

4. Toilet brush

You can also use a toilet brush to remove the stinky spot on your toilet as the same way one uses a plunger but this is easier when compared to a plunger. Try to ho,d the handle and then apply a small push to the bristle directly into the hole of the drain. Apply the force pumps for a few minutes and then step aside to see the effectiveness of this process.

5. Bleach detergent

One must keep in mind that if all the above methods fail then they can shift directly to a process where you will be applying a mixture of dish detergent along with bleach. This is one of the most effective ways to keep your bathroom toilets away from any kind of spots or other kinds of the mark.

All you have to do is to pour a cup of bleach into the detergent and all you need is waiting for 20 to 30 minutes after applying the mixture in the toilet. After a waiting period is done, you will have to flush the toilet and see the effect.

All these above methods are the fastest method and also a good replacement for the plunger. So avoid using a plunger and keep your bathroom clean and hygienic by using these few easy methods.

Now many modern toilets are being installed which makes the job of cleaning the toilet easy and fast. Everyone is busy in their daily life so during the holiday one must feel good to washroom instead of enjoying in a restaurant. So modern toilets with the dual flush system are an effective way which keeps the bathroom toilets cleaner and the need for cleaning the bathroom in a week reduces.

Many modern tradition toilets are there which works under the control of gravity. It may be a little costly but keeps you away from all kind of diseases. However, traditional toilets are cheaper than modern toilets. Modern toilets give extra pressure instead of gravity and this extra pressure keep the toilet clean.

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