How to measure your customer’s satisfaction

How to measure your customer’s satisfaction

What is customer satisfaction?

The easiest way to describe customer satisfaction is customer experience. Customer experience is the complete customer’s interactions, thoughts, and feelings about your business. 
If the customer has an overall great experience, then it is considered that that customer is satisfied.

However, customers may be happy at one moment, but not the next or slowly become more satisfied despite a mediocre starting point. For this reason, it’s necessary to measure customer satisfaction regularly, using a variety of metrics that catch its different aspects.

Blockchain-based eCommerce technology allows your customers to see everything that’s going on without any third-party interfering.

Why does customer satisfaction matter?

If a customer is not happy with your services, they will most likely stop coming back. Because of that, customer satisfaction has a much deeper meaning. Over time customers who had a pleasant experience with your company will come back to enjoy your company’s products and services.

Customers who build up loyalty will have positive connections with your brand. Those types of customers will tell their family and friends about your brand, and just like that, you have more clients. 

How to measure customer satisfaction?

Some great methods exist for this purpose. The way you develop happiness and maintenance will be unique to your organization. However, the components of a satisfying experience can be covered with similar strategies, despite your business and the products and services you give. These are the tips that can help you measure customer satisfaction.

Tip 1: Customer satisfaction survey

The customer satisfaction survey is the usual method for gathering data on customer satisfaction. It consists of asking your customers how happy they are, with or without any follow-up questions. Types of surveys:

  1. In-app surveys include not more than one or two questions; this method has one of the highest response rates.
  1. Post-service surveys focus on customers’ happiness with a particular service they received. Usually, customers’ will be asked after the delivery. 
  1. Long email surveys are suitable for in-depth insight into the satisfaction of your customer. Low response rate is their only wrong side, but you have enough time to answer multiple questions when doing these surveys.

Tip 2: Customer satisfaction score

CSAT is one of the common ways to measure the satisfaction of your customers. The scale typically varies between 1 – 3, 1 – 5, or 1 – 10. A more extensive range is not constantly better due to cultural diversity in how people measure their satisfaction.

Tip 3: Net Promoter score 

NPS measures the resemblance of a customer transferring you to someone, and it’s probably the most popular way of measuring customer loyalty. Promoters ask customers if they would suggest and rate your company from 1-10.

Tip 4: Customer effort score;

It examines the accepted idea that outstanding customer service equals surpassing customer expectations. The writers noticed that customers are much more likely to punish poor service than to reward excellent service through their analysis.

Tip 5: Social media monitoring

Social media has an extensive impact on the connection between customer and company. Customers would maybe share excellent or poor service encounters with the closest family and friends. Social media gave an exit and reach to probably millions of people.

Those were some tips on how to measure customer satisfaction.

 In conclusion

Now that you have learned everything you wanted, it’s time to use it in your business. Look after your customers, make sure that you provide good services and excellent quality products. You need to take care of your employees too since they are in contact with customers. 

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