An Inside Look at the Greene County MO Jail

Greene County is a county that belongs to the state of Missouri in the U.S. and featured a population of 275, 174, as of 2010.

This made it the 4th most-populous county in the state.

Springfield, which is the most populous city in the county, is its county seat.

The organization of the county took place in 1833 when it was named after General Nathanael Greene, an American Revolutionary War. This county is also part of the Springfield metropolitan area.

The Greene County MO jail has several responsibilities, including taking mugshots for Springfield Mo Greene County.


The county jail is made up of divisions charged with specific duties and responsibilities. For instance, the Detention Division ensures the safety and security of individuals incarcerated in the Justice Center, Greene County MO.

The Criminal Investigations Division is under the command of a Captain and consists of a Lieutenant and two Supervisory Sergeants who all work with 20 detectives. Of the 20 detectives, two are assigned to Drug Task Forces of the area whereas one oversees the ATF office located in Springfield, MO.

This division is committed to offering the highest standard of investigative and specialized services to all the residents of Greene County, MO. The members of staff pride in teamwork, professionalism, integrity, and compassion.

Detectives also provide follow-up investigations to help resolve felony cases. Some of the detective duties may also include interviewing witnesses, suspects, and victims, tracking down major leads, and major crime-scene processing such as preservation of and detailed collection of evidence.

They devote so much time and effort to finding and arresting criminals and wanted felons linked to the cases of interest and under investigation.

However, the Criminal Investigations Division is further divided into two major sections: Property Crimes and Crimes against Persons. Each of these sections is specialized but they all operate as a team to accomplish the division’s overall objectives.

This philosophy has registered some success, especially in major crime scenes (homicides in particular). Every member is fully trained and possesses the technical skills and knowledge required to investigate any criminal act that takes place within the county.


The Greene County Justice Center has 208 full-time Commissioned as well as Civil employees. Newly-hired detention officers are required to attend a 180-hour academy featuring professional classroom training under the instruction of senior staff from this department.

Inmate Population

The number of confined persons is 507 whereas the average daily population is 512. According to a recent study, the total annual bookings at this county jail have remained fairly stable over the recent past. For instance, there were about 18, 000 bookings in 2010, 2013, and 2014 whereas 2011 and 2012 had 19, 000 bookings.

However, when the county jail stopped accepting municipal inmates in April 2015 due to jail crowding, the number dropped to 14, 000 in both 2015 and 2016.


The Greene County MO Jail is made up of a full-service adult detention facility with a 130-bed capacity. It also features the county’s Detention Center.

Day-to-day routines

Visits can be conducted physically or online and an inmate is allowed two visits weekly, each lasting 25-minutes. A corrections officer is responsible for checking all incoming mails before they are forwarded to inmates.

Regardless, all Greene County Jail divisions work together to ensure all the operations run smoothly. Officers in charge of departments ensure that the day-to-day operations are carried out as they should and the County Sheriff takes great pride in serving county residents.