Can marketing have a positive impact on online casinos legal regulation?

Can marketing have a positive impact on online casinos legal regulation?

Although casino games have been present in the history of mankind for centuries as a popular entertainment activity, today they do not have clear and transparent laws in most countries. The question is: do we know anyone who has never heard of famous games like poker or roulette? The answer seems obvious, so it is difficult to understand why there are not yet clear regulations on these activities.

A recent problem in casino games history

Let’s first remember that time when casino games were only accessible to the public if they were moved to one of its magnificent venues. By then, exerting control over gambling was possible: only adults of legal age could enter, people with addictions could be prohibited from playing and, if necessary, people could stay for only a specific period of time.

However, the landscape changed, Internet access became popular, and casinos had to adapt to a new technological move. With the digital age, that controls the casino industry had before disappeared: it was much easier for minors to access gambling activities, and people with addiction problems could continue playing. As a consequence, an environment of very strong distrust was created among the world population around online casinos.

The importance of investing in marketing campaigns

From the first moment that casinos began to build their online presence, the industry has taken its predictions, as is the case of monitoring those users who present suspicious behavior. Nevertheless, these efforts have not been enough to convince people. That is why marketing has played an important role in gaining people’s trust, a strategy that has worked in some countries such as Brazil or the United Kingdom.

Today there are many ways to manage a marketing campaign. The most successful are those that involve well-known influencers or actors. Such is the case of Sunny Leone in India, a country where online casino laws are in a gray stage. The prestigious Bollywood actress is currently JeetWin’s Brand Ambassador, communicating her relation with the brand throughout interviews and her social media channels.

Linking a known character with a brand automatically creates a different image of the brand in the public. It is a strategy that, while it may be a costly investment for the brand, over time will help it find its goals. In the case of Sunny Leone, people already know her trajectory and, from her private life, they know that she has a family to whom she feels very attached. And this works in favor of the purposes of the brand.

The greater the visibility of a brand, the public will be able to know it better and, in addition, it will be able to reach all stages, making its communication something familiar. In the case of the legal situation of online casino games, good marketing strategies will get governments to take the necessary actions to create clear laws that protect the industry and those involved.

Beyond offering entertainment, the online gaming industry also opens the door to investment and new jobs. Behind the creation of a game, there is a great team of creatives, designers and developers, highly prepared people who have a lot to contribute to the tech world.

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