Great Broadband and Phone Deals for January 2020

Great Broadband and Phone Deals for January 2020

It’s a new decade. What better way could there be to welcome it in than with a sweet broadband and phone deal? Here’s a quick summary of the latest broadband and phone deals, to give an idea of what’s available in January 2020. Remember you must study the deals available to see what suits you best, using a comparison site like Broadband Choices can make this much easier.. Pick an unlimited broadband deal according to your usage. Remember that while unlimited broadband deals are plentiful, the speed varies. Remember to check the contract length. Some providers offer contracts for one year and some for 18 months. When checking out your chosen package, add a phone deal of your choice. Before choosing your phone deal, note your calling style. If you typically make night-time calls to other UK numbers, look for a deal that allows for the maximum number of night minutes.

BT Broadband and Phone Deals

BT are also offering some good deals in their January 2020 sale. Their Superfast Fiber Essential package allows you to stream and browse on two devices. The minimum speed of the packages is 36 MB which is a good speed. It gives online protection and parental controls too. Another feature of this deal is a line rental included. What’s not to like? The packages increase in price to allow streaming, browsing and downloading. One of the huge plus points of BT is its flexibility. It is very easy to join BT from another site and to change your plan also. So if you try one plan and find it doesn’t work for you, you can switch to a better one easily enough. That’s really useful if you’re not quite sure which plan level is best for you.

Vodafone Broadband and Phone Deals

Vodafone offers some attractive packages. Starting at a minimum speed of 35 MBs at £23 for 18 months, there are special discounts for those who are already Vodafone customers. For some packages, a 24 month contract is a minimum requirement.

Virgin Media Broadband and Phone Deals

For £27 per month, you can get download speed at 103 MBs on a twelve-month contract. This deal combines mobile and broadband. An installation fee applies. Remember this is the entry-level package. The speed increases with the price of the package.

Plusnet Broadband and Phone Deals

Plusnet doesn’t offer specific broadband and phone deals. However, the customer is free to choose the broadband deal which best suits their requirement and then to combine it with the most suitable phone deal available. The minimum speed of the packages is 36 MB, which is nice. This can help to save the customer a lot of money. One of the most commendable features of Plusnet is excellent customer service. Check out Plusnet’s deals to find a package that suits you. In early January 2020, there’s an unlimited fiber broadband deal starting at £22.99. The contract length is 18 months. This includes phone plans starting at £5 per month. There are also SIM-only deals which can be combined with the broadband deal. It’s worth checking out.

A New Decade

It’s great to start a new decade positively because that sets the tone for several years to come. These phone and broadband deals will help you to start the new year and the new decade in a positive way. You can get great value from BT, Vodafone, Virgin Media and Plusnet. All you need to do is choose the package that appeals to you most.

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