Cheap Basement Ceiling Ideas of 2020

Cheap Basement Ceiling Ideas of 2020

Basements are the most important part of your homes. Nowadays, most of the people are adding basements in their houses that will be used to create additional space. There could be a number of ways to choose which basement ceiling you should use for your basement. Yes, it’s a tricky process but it takes some of your time and attention. Creating a beautiful basement will turn your home a fully functional and creative basement area.

Most of the basement can be decorated with maze ceilings or structural bracing. This would give an instant finishing to the basement looks. Having various pipes and wires in the basement makes it dull with the uninteresting ceiling. So, if you have a basement in your house and you want to decorate your basement ceiling then you have come to the right place!

With these ideas mentioned in this article, we are very sure that you can find a proper solution for your basement ceiling. So, here comes a list of fantastic ideas you should follow to decorate your basement ceiling.

Try to hide everything with Paint (best solution)

Try to hide everything with Paint (best solution)

One of the most reliable solutions that you can do for your basement ceiling is to paint it. This fabulous technique can be used in urban living spaces that involve colouring your ceiling with monochromatic colors disguise of all pipes work.

This will not only make your ceiling looks higher but also make it elegant and classy. Adding ancient architectural details in your basement ceiling can convert it in a timeless place. And of course, it’s a great thing for those who love History! So, if you are thinking to choose a monochromatic color for your basement ceiling then we would prefer you to choose black as your paint color. It gives an ultimate theatre look. So get ready to remold your basement into a family room.

Decorate it with Bricks

Decorate it with Bricks

Most of the people think that bricks in the basement can only be used for the fireplace. But it is not fully true. You can use the bricks to decorate your basement ceiling. They can be considered as a good material for your basement ceiling as they will bring you warmth and enchanting look to your basement.

Also, using bricks in the basement will make the entire process less timely and create a good indoor climate. It’s a sensible investment in the house that will pay you off. Besides having many advantages of having bricks in the cling of the basement, we have come up with few of them:

  • Having bricks in the ceiling offers warmth in the cold winter and makes the cool atmosphere when it is hot outside. With this pleasant indoor climate, your house will feel healthy.
  • Besides comfort, it will also provide you with a financial benefit i.e. having bricks in the basement ceiling will cost you less as the cost will be adjusted with the full house building cost. 
  • Bricks in the ceiling of the basement are beneficial for absorbing humidity. Also, the houses having bricks basement ceiling are more attractive and have excellent selling rate. So in future, if you sell the house having bricks ceiling, it will benefit you immensely. 

So, these are some advantages of having bricks in the ceiling of the basement. Get ready to add some bricks in the ceiling to make it more energy-friendly!

Installing Lightweight Drop ceilings in Basement

Installing Drop ceiling in the basement is another cheap and best idea to decorate your basement ceiling. This suspended ceiling will help you to cover the pipes and all the ductwork that has been made in your ceiling. It contains the metal grids for all wires attached to joists. Having these lightweight panels in your ceiling will provide you with a continuous surface.

The main advantages of this type of ceiling are that they are simple to install and are budget-friendly. If you are thinking of opening a restaurant in the basement then these type of basement ceilings works well. This is because it will help to absorb sound and muffled noise in the basement.

With the series of advantages of having drop ceilings in the basement, another one is that they are easy to remove. If you want to access pipes and wires in the basement then you can easily remove one of them and fix them after your work is over.

In a few past years, people found it unattractive because of its bad rap. But now, with technology, these architectural materials also increase their effectiveness and looks. Nowadays, you will easily able to match it with the grids of your walls or use decorative pressed metal with these ceilings.

So, don’t think much, add drop ceilings in your home basement and enjoy the cool designs.

Fabric ceilings add a glimpse

Fabric ceilings add a glimpse

Having ma partly finished basement is just a headache. And if you have it and you are worried about the ways to make it look nice, then fabric ceilings can help you to some extent. You can cover your basement ceiling with fabrics. These will allow you to stay in a finished space and will help to reduce the industrial feel that your ceilings are providing.

All basements are made up of concrete and have no natural light. This will make the atmosphere dull. So, to soften the environment in your basement you can use various colored fabric textiles.

These fabric textiles will easily cover some unsightly features like duct girder and pipes on your basement ceiling. You can easily remove these fabrics that if you want to access any joists or beam. Having lightweight fabric covers provides you with a list of advantages to your basement.

Adding beautiful canopy fabric hangings on your basement ceiling will make it look perfect and gives the soothing effect.

So, what are you waiting for? Just add a charm and inspiration look in your unfinished basement ceilings by adding fabric covers or drapes into it.

Support your beams with Wood Paneling

Support your beams with Wood Paneling

Create a rigid and flexible ceiling of the basement and your home with Wood panelling. If you have finished making your basement then you can go for wood planks for your ceiling. These sleek and elegant Wood planks will surely add a natural appearance in your basement ceiling. 

The wood used in creating wood planks for the basement will help you create a luxurious look at your home. According to interior design survey, most of the people choose sober color looks that add coziness when paired with wood. 

And of course, the basement is the place where you can create a den-like structure for various activities. So to make it look natural and elegant it is necessary for you to add Wood paneling to your basement ceiling.

Here is the list of various advantages you could get when you add Wood planks to your ceiling. Get ready to know them:

  • With the many numbers of advantages, you will get while applying Wood panels to your ceiling, the main advantage is affordability. If you plan to decorate your basement ceiling with low budget then wood planks will serve you the best.
  • You will get surprised to know that how low budget it is to add planks even in large basements. 
  • Another benefit of having wooden planks on your basement ceiling is that they are very durable. Due to its high durability and effectiveness, you can use them in your basement, playroom, kitchen or bedroom as they stay strong for a longer period of time.
  • Besides being strong and durable, these wooden planks will give your basement a natural appearance. You can pair them with perfect cozy colors that will combine with the color of your wooden ceiling and make the basement fully furnished.
  • Easy to install is another major advantage of using wooden planks in your basement ceiling. You don’t need to spend much time in hiring a professional for this but you can do by yourself also. With the right size of panels for your basement ceiling, you can watch tutorials available on various sites and add planks. 

We hope that these advantages would make you aware enough about the reasons why wooden planks are the best fit for your basement ceiling. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to add them up in your ceiling.

Overcome ceiling limitations with Metal

The corrugated metal ceiling is another way to glow up your basement. If your basement ceiling is low to the ground and your room becomes messy or cramped, then these metal ceilings would perfectly work for you. They serve as a key to decorate your room and overcome your decorative limitations. The metal with low lights will act as a source of creating perfect artistic ambiance. So start remodelling your basement with concrete floor and corrugated metal ceiling. 

There could be many advantages of using metal ceiling such as they are moisture resistant. And because they are moisture-resistant, they can be used to for a longer time. Also, they are the most durable types of ceiling trending nowadays. 

Another major advantage of using metal ceilings in your basement is that they have thermal capabilities that make them long last for years. Therefore, you can easily upgrade your basement looks with these durable ceilings.


You can add whatever type of ceiling suits you the best. In this article, we have listed various series trending in 2020 that will not only fit into your budget but also have long-lasting durability. With these fantastic ceiling options, you can mask your pipes and ducts and upgrade your basement with more defined looks.

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