Top 3 best Android Games of 2019

The continuous advancement in technology has brought Smartphone to another level. Not like back in times, Smartphones are used for many other activities like getting access to multimedia, saving addresses and contacts, connecting to others in little span and gaming. Android games have been such a rave from past few decades that they somehow replaced heavy consoles covered with wires.

Gaming on Smartphone has become more convenient and handy. There are billions of games which are present on Google play store but choosing which are perfect and best out of the rest can be hardcore stuff. Below is the list of games which are free of cost and can give gamers experience of next level.  These Android games don’t cost you a penny and they’re fun to play as well. Download VidMate from

best Android Games

1. Alto’s odyssey

Alto’s odyssey is a continuous journey of alto in order to find answers to the secrets in unexplored vast dessert. it is never ending game play where alto is snowboarding down to hill slopes through, starry nights, relaxing rainstorms and beautiful sunrises. The game play is as simple as it seems. Users have to ust tap on the screen to make the protagonist umps through obstacles standing through his way.

The long press on the screen will keep alto in the air and will make him stay in the air which can prove to be dangerous. Whenever the protagonist will get to the ground, every good landing will lead to a good score and may earn good points. The main motive of the game play is to go as far as possible.

Between rounds, the game play will offer the user to go pass through some missions which help the user to gain more points. Completion of three missions will lead to level up. With each increasing levels, the user unlocks new boards and characters. Alto’s odyssey comes with amazing graphics and very interactive interface which gives the game a gorgeous outlook. Every day or every time users launch the game, users get new challenges and new whole game play and atmosphere. Alto’s odyssey comes with beautiful audio which enhances the game play to the best.

2. PubG Mobile

PUBG stands for Players unknowns battlegrounds. It is one of the most played games in the action genre. It starts with 100 live real players umps down in unknown battleground. It’ survival game which is made to test the survival skills and unleashes the skills of army men inside. PUBG is a real-time game which makes users to survive a battleground with 100 lawyers who are dying to kill and rein the battlegrounds.

Players have to survive through the weapons been served them at stages or by killing other players in the game play. The one with the higher army and battleground skills wins the game. Game play is curated with several zones which including playing with clans created by friends or playing solo with other real-time anonymous players around the globe.

Players have to locate and scavenge their weapons and supplies. By hook or by crook layers have to survive the battleground in order to get the entire showdown. The game play comes with powerful unreal visual details which somehow enhances the experience of the game play. Not just this, PubG comes with high-quality audio and immersive 3D sound effects.

3. Ludo king

Ludo king is the real-time board game played between family and friends which somehow enlightens old memories of the childhood. it is a cross-platform multiplayer game in which players have to roll the dices and move the tokens according to the numbers showed by dices on the board. First one to reach to the end with all four tokens in wins the game.

In order to win, players have to kill or stop others to reach to the end of the game. The ludo king creators have kept the rules and game play simple and traditional. But enhancement in the game play has somehow enhanced the fun of the game. In ludo king, players can chat or even threaten the other players on the board with real-time chat features.

To decrease the chances of cheatings, game play provides the auto move systems where the system rolls the dices on the player’s behalf.  The game also supports offline mode, where the player can play with computer or local multiplayer.

The thing which makes ludo king a star that sometimes it works with no internet connection where players can play against the computer or friend can p[lay one device. The game play requires 2 or more players in order to play the game.

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