Guidance on Programming for Starters

Machines are dominating this world and to make the machines perform a task we need programs. To start with, programming is a set of instructions that is being applied for a certain task to be completed by computer.

For instance; you can program an application that provides students with information who want to take up entrance exams, Example: NEET 2018 results– medical exam for students who want to take up medical exams.

Guidance on Programming for Starters

Here the application completes the task of providing information to students. This might sound difficult for beginners who have no idea of programming.

Here comes a question of How to learn programming? The instructions or statements that are provided to the computer to perform a task are written in a particular programming language.

There are lots of programming languages available to choose from which might leave a beginner in confusion.

People who want to learn professional programming can qualify JEE Main know everything about JEE Main. and enter the professional way of coding. Learning of two of the many paradigms which is procedural programming language and object-oriented language can be suggested to beginners.

Procedural programming language is nothing but procedures, which is technically known as routines and subroutines which are needed to create a program. This paradigm is all about order. It consists of systematic order of statements or instructions.

This step by step process required to perform a particular task by computer. Since it consists of procedures it is also referred to as imperative programming.

This is a top-down approach where the problem is disintegrated to smaller subroutines and the solution is found. Procedural programming language is readable and easy to maintain.

For Example – you can code a JEE Main website in C which is procedural programming language and the code will be readable and easy to maintain.

Object programming language is a programming language which consists of objects to perform a task. Object is a component that has both data and functionality.

Object is a basic unit in object programming language. In object-oriented programming, the focus is on the manipulation of the data but not on the logic of manipulation.

For e.g.: if a bicycle is an object you should not focus on the way it operates or how it works but focus on what the bicycle does.

Also, here you can give characteristics and features to objects and make them do the task you intend to. The essential concept here is class where it is a blueprint used to create objects. And objects are instance of class. Object-oriented programming languages are easy to maintain.

Procedural programming language such as c and object-oriented programming language such as C++ is an effective choice to opt as a beginner. They both revolve around code and data where procedural programming language focuses on how logic of how it happens whereas object-oriented programming language focuses on what happens between the objects. Learning of both the languages will benefit the learner to code various applications and gives an interesting peek in programming world.

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