Ask the Experts- Practical Ways for Getting Rid of Bad Odors

Having a lingering smoke or foul smell in your house can be embarrassing when you have visitors in your home.

Ask the Experts- Practical Ways for Getting Rid of Bad Odors

So, how can you effectively remove this lousy odor from your safest haven? Well, for starters, you need to get rid of the source your problem.

However, sometimes this is easier said than done since smoke particles are usually tinnier than one-thousandth of the width of your hair. Simply put, smoke can penetrate almost any surface of any area o room in your house.

You probably smoke on the balcony or patio, but there is still that awful smoke smell in your bedroom. Tobacco smoke efficiently circulates through your home’s ventilation system.

If you perhaps live in an apartment building or condo, you probably have a problem with the tobacco smells from other tenants’ units. It just goes to show that tobacco smoke can travel through the central ventilation systems, pipes and cracks in the walls until bam! Your place reeks of smoke.

Lucky for you, you do not have to kick up a stink when you can try these simple but effective quick fixes.

Bring in the Once Sweet, Alluring Clean Air to Your Home Again by Following These Eight Steps on How to Get Rid of Bad Odors

Smoke and other noxious smells can be frustrating. However, we will have to leave the scientists and professionals to deal with the chemical smoke-problem solutions. Here are eight tips you need to consider IMMEDIATELY to help you shift the lingering smell smoke invariably:

#01. Invest in an Air Purifier for Smoke

High-quality home air purifiers for smoke have the activated carbon feature that immensely helps with both cigarette smoke and foul smells. While getting rid of the source of smoke is the perfect way to maintain clean indoor air, HEPA air purifiers can significantly reduce smoke and second-hand odors in your living space.

#02. Try Waving A Wet Towel

It does sound silly, right? Imagine waiting for smoke armed to the tooth with a wet towel. You might even get some concerning looks from your neighbors. However, the same way that covering your body with a blanket or damp cloth in case of a fire saves you from getting torched, waving a towel will soak up the smoke particles and significantly reduce the smoky smell of your room.

In any case, it is the cheapest method!

#03. Get Yourself An Ozone Machine

If you are keen on getting rid of that awful smell, consider purchasing an ozone machine. It releases ozone particles, which attach themselves to surfaces, hence purifying your air.

#04. Fill A Bowl/Basin with Vinegar

It is a straightforward life hack! Leave a bowl of vinegar around the house. It will neutralize the odor of smoke.

#05. Clean All the Surfaces

Mix some warm water, a quarter cup of vinegar and baking soda and a half of ammonia, then stat your deep-cleaning process. It might take some time and make you lose a couple of pounds, but it will also give you valid results by eradicating the retained smoke.

#06. Sprinkle Some Baking Soda All Over Your Carpeted Floors

Carpets are the most obvious culprits in regards to smoke absorption and practically most health issues like allergies. If you smoke and even after a week your house still reeks of smoke, then it is time for you to deep-clean your precious bespoke rug.

Try sprinkling some baking soda all over the carpets. Soda naturally removes odors, and it gives your room that snowy feel. Ensure that you leave the baking soda on for an hour, and then you can vacuum it up with a sturdy, reliable canister vacuum cleaner.

#07. Stock Up Your Home with Odor Eliminators

Stocking up on odor eliminators will allow you to kick out those smoke smells. They are particularly excellent when you use them for specific areas or furnishing like a sofa.

You should also make sure that you air the space you need to eliminate the odor before and after spraying for excellent outcomes.

#08. When All Fails, Consider Re-carpeting and Re-Upholstery

Sometimes the smoke may prove to be stubborn. So, when you at a dead end consider reupholstering your sofas and re-carpeting your floors. These strategies will get rid of the smoke smell and any other trapped odors. The problem is they might be pricey, but they will get the job done and leave your house fresh, clean and visitor-friendly.

You no longer have to shy away when your book club buddies suggest having a meeting at your house due to the lingering smoke smell. When you implement these strategies, you will yearn for them to come to your house. So, take a leap of faith and make your home the sanctuary it once was!

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