How Does Insect Killer Work Detail Overview

How Does Insect Killer Work Detail Overview

Insects tend to take charge while people usually have fun outdoors. The insects tend to eat either the food or the people in any way. There are a lot of devices that found in the marketplace to keep the insects away from reach. These devices vary in their shapes, working, design, and function towards operation.

The insect killer devices come in the form of sprays, traps, and even electrically operated ones. An insect killer in the kind of a bug zapper commonly referred to as an electronically operated insect controller that works in the way of controlling the insect attack by electrical means.

There are a lot of controversies surrounding the use of the electrically and light operated bug zappers, but these prove to be the best among the insect controllers that are available in the marketplace.

The devices use electrical discharge system that kills the insect by attracting them towards it. The method works wonderfully both for indoors and outdoors.

The other insect killers in the form of sprays, traps, and coils are not that effective for the outdoor use as the electrically and light operated insect killers. You can see the reviews of the best insect killer for home before buying it.

These electrically operated traps were first launched and introduced to the familiar public in the year 1934 by Harrison L. Chapin and William F. Folmer.

However, the current electronic insect killers in the present era are more technologically advanced and come with a lot of improvements in their mechanism since the first launch.

The recent insect killers excel towards the safety formulation and lure for humans even in the basic designs, but the working device has remained the same as it was initially.

Structure of An Electronic Insect Killer

The creation and use of the electrically operated insect killer machines are simple and easy to use. The parts of the insect killer are as follows:

  • Casing– The casing or the housing that serves as an external framework usually holds the complete frameset and the inner lying materials and components of the machine. These are mainly made of either plastic or non-conducting metals to avoid unwanted electrical shocks to humans. The shape formulation and built structure mostly use the form of a lantern, a cube, or a cylinder. The casing has a design-build in the way of a grid on the front end to emit light that can attract the insects and simultaneously prevent the sticking in of human hands to the electric components inside or other pets’ intrusion under any circumstances.
  • Light emitter– This is mainly a build of fluorescent light and attracts insects towards it quickly. Mercury, ultraviolet, or neon acts as the main components that effectively kills the insects by luring them towards the glow.
  • Screen or a wire grid– There is a mesh of wires formed in the structure of a network that usually surrounds the bulb and commonly electrified in nature when turned on to kill insects.
  • A transformer– This is the device that actively helps in the electrification of the wire mesh. The 120 V regular current inflow usually changes to a 2000 V current or more when the power inflow starts.

The increased current and voltage supply is converted to more than 2000 V by the help of the transformer and usually applied across second mesh grids. The grids have a separation of a tiny and small gap that can hardly let an insect pass through. The size of the difference in the network is usually of a few millimeters. The light attracts the insect that flies towards it. On penetrating the space and passing through the holes the electrified wire mesh tears apart the insect and kills it. The light seems more attractive because it is usually more beautiful than the external dim light due to its glow and is mainly in the form of floral decorations that easily attracts the insects towards them.

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Alternative means of insect killer also exists in the marketplace, but the most effective one is the electric insect killer. Only mosquitoes are the insects that do not readily attracted towards a bright light, and this has a lot of surrounding controversies for the electrically operated insect killer machine. Although these machines are now almost a decade old, still they have some questions unanswered in the present era.

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