The 5 Minute Guitar Workout

Have you attended a music concert and someone blew your mind away with their wonderful guitar skills? Well, that is an art which requires investment in time to pull off. To build your guitar skills require frequent workouts. You must create free time to do this. To build your skills nevertheless doesn’t require your entire time, no.

The 5 Minute Guitar Workout

You just need to spare some few minutes from your busy schedule and interact with your guitar. Most of the persons you admire for their guitar skills have adapted what we call 5-minute guitar work out where they spare only five minutes of their time to perfect their guitar playing skills.

Five minutes sounds favorable even for any individual who has a tight schedule. Do not give excuses, adapt this technique and you will bear witness to its effectiveness. This amusing session may include one of these fine activities which will be discussed in details below.


5 Minute Scales Work-out

Scales are what determine the frequency or pitch when playing the guitar. They form the musical notes which you as the guitar player ought to comprehend well so as to hit the right note. These scales are categorically arranged so that you have to ascend music notes and descending music notes.

There are common scales used in guitar practice and these include scale one representing the minor pentatonic scale, scale 2 representing blue scale, scale 3 representing natural minor scale or the Aeolian mode, scale 4 standing for the major scale, scale 5 representing the Dorian mode and finally the scale 6 which represents the Mixolydian mode. A five-minute work-out will help you understand these scales properly thus enable you to hit the right musical notes.


5 Minutes Speed Picking Work-out

The smooth harmony that you get from the guitar player and the singer is how well the guitar player is able to control the speed of their guitar. This is a skill you polish by working closely with the metronome device which is set to produce audible beats at regular intervals set by the user.

By sparing your five minutes, you will be able to work out your speed with the guitar and be in a good position to produce regular beats at regular intervals with your guitar through the assistance of the metronome.


5 Minutes Solo Work-out

This is the best moment for any guitar player to showcase their prowess of playing guitar. In a guitar solo, you are able to play a melodic passage with your guitar. The singer stays mum and allows you to communicate with your audience through your guitar in this instrumental session.

To perfect your soloing skills, you will require not more than five minutes daily from your busy schedule. This way, you are able to do the soloing practice sufficiently and when the time comes to entertain your audience, you will be proud of your skills in the guitar solo. Whether you want to perform an accompanied guitar solo or unaccompanied one, your skill needs to be to the point so that the audience with connect with your guitar without much struggle.


5 Minutes Playing and Memorizing Songs Work-out

Just like a good dancer who must be able to understand the flow of the music or song from the beginning to the end so as to produce a good dance, you as the guitar player must know how your songs flow. To do this successfully, you need to create time to memorize all the songs you intend to play with your guitar else you will be stuck not knowing which note to play next.

This can paint you a very negative picture as a guitar player. Or worse still, you may end up mixing notes in your play which a keen audience will notice and perceive you as an inexperienced guitar player. Five minutes work-out with your guitar can save you all these and enable you to become competent while playing your guitar.


5 Minutes Music Theory Work-out

When you want to produce quality work in practical work, then you ought to lay a good foundation for your theory work.  The theory section becomes the stepping stone to being perfect in the actual practice. Likewise, as a guitar player, you need to critically comprehend the theory surrounding music in general. This will enable you to understand your audience better and the different varieties of music available for your choice.

With good theory in music, then you will pull out a perfect guitar performance. This is not something you will claim to lack time for. Five minutes of your time are enough to allow you accumulate massive knowledge in music theory. All you need is to give maximum concentration and focus during this limited time and the end results will be amazing.


5 Minutes Transcribing Songs

This is a great art for any guitar player which entails listening to a music piece and noting down the various musical notes. Through this technique, you are in a good position to solve the issues of unclear notes. This art is systematic and it will be of great help if you can set aside five minutes of your time to perfect it.

Transcribing will require you to do the following things. Listen to the music instruments, listen to the chords, listen to the chord changes, figure out the structure of the song, listen to the best acoustic  bass guitar, transcribe the melody, figure out the time signature, listen to the pitch, subdivide the song into small sections and then write down what you hear from the song. This five minutes work-out will make you a guru with your guitar.



As seen from the detailed discussion above, a five minutes work-out can go a long way in making you a pro with your guitar. Being busy should not be a hindrance to your passion for playing guitar and enjoying your music. Five minutes are enough for you to perfect your guitar soloing skills, memorize one or two songs, transcribe a song, build your music theory or even learn about the guitar scales.

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