10 Best Breaking Benjamin Songs

Love Breaking Benjamin? Here are Top 10 best of Breaking Benjamin Songs list. Breaking Benjamin has been the dark horse in the world of Rock. So, Here We Are, Breaking the Silence, Until the End.

Saturate as you Medicate on The Anthem of the Angels and let a Dance with the Devil take the Breath right out of you. Without further ado, here are the top 10 Breaking Benjamin tracks!

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10 Best Breaking Benjamin Songs

10. Forever – Can I stay alive forever?

Little did you know, this track is actually a cover of a Queen song. Having to cover a track by one of the most monumental rock bands of all time is gargantuan in itself, but Breaking Benjamin did a little more than just do justice to the track.

Ben Burnley showcased his softer, more vulnerable side in this track as opposed to his gory vocals. This rendition of Queen’s forever has that Breaking Benjamin stamp all over it.

9. Break My Fall – Of melodic charm

The ability to blend killer vocals with well written lyrics is something that not many rock songs are known to do. Break my Fall is a testament to the aforementioned statement. It’s not just a great rock song but also one that induces a melodic aura.

This Breaking Benjamin track is definitely one of those songs where you can hear every single one of the lyrics, which each word being crisp. The bridge is something you do not want to miss out on.

8. Dance with the Devil – Say goodbye!

This Breaking Benjamin song has a slow ascent that builds up beautifully. It grows on you, crawling and sending shivers down your spines as Ben Burnley’s ominous vocals accompany you right through the journey of this song.

The power packed chorus alongside the guitar work makes this one of those Breaking Benjamin songs that are simply timeless.

7. So Cold – Sending chills down your spine.

Maybe if this song didn’t see a release, we wouldn’t know about Breaking Benjamin today. This was one of their first songs to have made it to the Billboard Hot 100. The lyrical depth that this track possesses is simply phenomenal.

The best thing about Ben Burnley’s vocals is that they are adept at storytelling far too well, and that is something that blows your mind every single time.

6. I Will Not Bow – Not ever!

This is definitely a showcase of the rebels that Breaking Benjamin really is. They aren’t going to stick around and suck in on the BS that’s thrown in their faces. Here’s what they say every time something like that happens-I Will Not Bow! Equivalent to the Big F’s, here’s BB, showing us how they do it!

5. Angels Fall – I will live forever

Angels fall is one of the newer tracks of Breaking Benjamin. Despite the speculation surrounding their new album Dark before Dawn, they’ve gone on to give us an album that has that indelible mark of Breaking Benjamin!

Every single is well thought and delivers exactly what Ben Burnley chooses to invoke within.

4. Breath – Simply the best

They take the Breath right out of you, don’t they? What’s BB without this track? There’s one thing that only BB can do and that’s get you hooked on to every track at the first listen itself. Ben’s killer vocals are just so beautiful and have the right amount of emotion to carry out the story-line.

3. Blow Me Away – Only the Strongest will remain

If you’re a video game enthusiast then you’re bound to appreciate tracks such as Blow Me Away. This track demonstrates how Breaking Benjamin can create a masterpiece without having to rely on overplaying instruments or screeching vocals.

This Breaking Benjamin song has the ability to rope you in right from the first word right to the very end. This original track is a masterpiece.

2. Dear Agony – Just let go

Dear Agony is every Breaking Benjamin fan’s favorite simple because, for sheer lack of words, it’s Awesome! Ben’s cry to agony to let her go of him is something that everyone can resonate with. It’s brilliant without a doubt and the emotion that goes into it is what really makes the song a hit.

1. The Diary of Jane – How it all began?

Where would any fan be without this track? This is an ethereal hit that has had people of all ages singing along to it. It’s undeniably Breaking Benjamin and there’s nothing that can ever replace this single.

This is the only track which was certified by the RIAA as a double Platinum. It’s thundering and at the same time has a brilliant chorus.

So there you have it, our countdown of the top ten Breaking Benjamin songs. If we haven’t done them justice, then here’s our apology: “Had Enough of this Hopeless Failure? Just Give us a Sign, and Away we’ll go, No (more) Games.”

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