Top DIY Pressure Treated Wood Deck Skirting Ideas to hide space under the deck

Top DIY Pressure Treated Wood Deck Skirting Ideas to hide space under the deck

Are you thinking of filling up the space of your deck? Is there any idea that stuck in your mind about filling spaces under your deck? If not, then don’t worry.

We will be going to discuss some fantastic DIY pressure treated wood deck skirting ideas that will be used to hide space under your deck.

When the space under your deck is free, that means it is not filled, then most of the animals find that place to be a perfect one to hide under it.

That empty space becomes the home of animals like mice, robins, bunnies, etc. We will be going to discuss some DIY ideas that will surely help you to get rid of those animals under your deck and fill your deck space.

The most effective way to do that is skirting that will not only provide a more finished look of your deck but also make fill space under your deck.

Let’s get started with those DIY ideas to fill up space under your deck

DIY pressure treated wood skirting ideas to fill your deck space

Decking is an aesthetic element in your house. It has been placed by supporting between the joists and can bear up to 15lbs dead load and 40lbs live load. People make the use of redwood, cedar, and many other kinds of wood to build a deck for your homes.

For many years, decking was made with the help of primarily wood, but now deck makers make the use of these strong woods that can easily bear the weight. The type of woods mentioned above also offers low maintenance as well as they are weather resistant. In order to fill the space under your deck, you need to follow some steps:

Steps for DIY pressure treated wood skirting ideas:

Step 1: Take measurements and shop necessary items

The first step involves taking measurements of the pressure treated deck skirting. You can take the help of a napkin sketch to make Lowes for your deck spacing. Mostly, the maximum height of the deck skirting from top to ground will be around 32″, not more than that.

You need to check the lattice from the lumber department. The holes there are big enough to enter the small animals like mice, bunnies, etc. You can shop some wood for fences and 6’boards with two slats per board.

Step 2: Attach slats to the ground

Once you get all materials to fill the space under your deck, you need to attach the slats to the ground. This would be a simple idea to cover the space. For this, you need to take 2×4’s stake horizontally on the ground. After that, you need to dig under your wooden deck skirt.

Once you dig, you need some stacks of drainage rocks. If you have some screws for this work, then do not buy them. Otherwise, you can go and buy them from the market. The screws with the square head are more preferable as they do not destroy in the new kind of pressure-treated wooden deck skirting.

Step 3: Start working as per the technique

To start the work, you need to fasten the bottom of the skirt by building the base plate. If you start constructing, then it would take a day longer. With the help of chop saw cut the stakes to drive into the ground. You can make the use of a plumb line to establish the face of skirting.

After that, you can put stakes in the ground with the help of a hammer. To attach the base plate, you can put some stone underneath. After that, you can attach base plates with those stakes. With the help of base plates, you can easily start installing the skirting of the wooden deck.

If you go to stairs, then you need to install some notch boards so that you can match the rise and run. The length of the stake boards differs from the top to bottom and when the ground changes. The boards will shrink when they dry. Therefore you need to keep the boards against each other.

The point comes when they look like they are tilted towards the left to right, so you need to level each one of the board. You can complete one side of the wooden deck by one day.

Step 4: Complete another side of the wooden deck skirting

You can take the help of an electric drill to fill pilot holes. A cordless drill will help you to drive the screws. You can install the boards so that no animal could enter beneath your wooden deck skirting. With a few changes, you can complete the project by hiding the space under the deck. In this way, you can create stylish wooden deck skirting.

The wooden decking will stain your deck for at least one year when it comes across the surface of the sun or moisture. It has been attached with the help of joists. It would help if you got a correct deck by taking advice from your manufacturer.


While you work with the deck skirting, make sure to pick those materials that complement the deck and match the deck board. This is because these materials would bring the evenness and continuity between the surfaces of the deck.

If your house is big and heavy, then you should add stones or concrete beneath your house to fill up space. When your space gets filled up, then you will find no space for small animals to hide, as well as no space for your children’s toys, moved under the deck. Make sure that your children don’t play barefoot for some time till it gets fix permanently.

 In this article, we have discussed some DIY steps you can use to hide space under your wooden deck skirting. You can follow these steps and work as per the flow after some time when the project gets completed. We hope that this article will help you in filling spaces under your wooden deck skirting.

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