Will Ethereum Overtake Bitcoin In 2021?

Will Ethereum Overtake Bitcoin In 2021?

Etherum emerged in the waves of a three-year industry decline in April 2020. After reaching a high of nearly $1,200 during early 2018, the blockchain was pulled down to under $100 when the rising price surge collapsed spectacularly.

However, the tide has shifted dramatically in the last 12 months. Ethereum has soared past its previous height, supported by a buoyant economy and a resurgent bitcoin, to reach a sequence of all-time highs in 2021.

Ethereum recently surpassed bitcoin by a margin of three, and its market value is currently about one-third that of bitcoin.

In April 2021, the total amount of ethereum was slightly more than one-tenth that of bitcoin. Although ethereum is approaching its peak, bitcoin is in a comparatively deep recession, losing approximately a quarter of the value after setting a new record high early last month.

It was never assured that Bitcoin would continue to be the world’s biggest cryptocurrency throughout perpetuity. ETH is probably the “better” blockchain, with quicker transfers and more flexible usage cases. However, this does not ensure that ETH would eventually overtake Bitcoin.

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Researchers believe Ethereum has the potential to outperform Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization, but most people do not believe it is likely. Since Bitcoin’s market cap is already five times greater than Ethereum’s, the price of Ether would rise 5–6 times while Bitcoin’s must remain constant.

In other terms, demand for Ethereum will have to increase at least 5–6 times. A more plausible possibility is that Bitcoin’s bull run ends, although Ethereum’s bull run is much more prosperous. Once again, Ethereum will need to generate unprecedented demand; it would need to draw millions of new users.

What Dapps Have the Potential to Attract Millions of Users?

Experts now see just a handful who might do the trick, although they all seem to have a long way to go. However, if a handful of these Dapps witness a revival simultaneously, it might drastically alter Ethereum’s fortunes:

  • Brave Browser. If around 10 million users using this browser and began utilizing BAT tokens, Ethereum’s acceptance rate will skyrocket.
  • Enjin. If more software creators were utilizing Enjin to create blockchain games and that one of them became a smash hit, Ether’s future may be altered.
  • Mana. If Decentraland reaches millions of people, it, too, has the potential to push Ethereum to mass acceptance.
  • PAX Gold and similar projects PAX Gold is indeed a cryptocurrency with a gold backing. When you need gold bars, submit your PAXG token mostly to Pax firm, and they will provide you with gold. This enables you to sell gold using a number of smart contracts over the internet. In the future, I believe there will be several more ventures that use blockchain to trade precious metals as well as other resources. It might be a game-changer if only one product company adopted Ethereum.

Can Ethereum Usurp Bitcoin’s Throne?

Ethereum has several advantages over Bitcoin. It is more adaptable, has superior hardware, and has many more real-world implementations. It’s still comparatively inexpensive compared to Bitcoin, making it far more available to buyers with limited bankrolls.

At current prices, you might get about 30 Ethereum for the said price of one Bitcoin. And, with the technology’s promise and impressive list of supporters, trading in Ethereum now provides an opportunity to purchase low and sell early in the future.

However, Bitcoin is here to remain. And, while it is unlikely to revamp the digital space in much the same manner that Ethereum has, Bitcoin’s proven ‘brand’ and growing scarcity render it an enticing prospect for more conservative investors looking for long-term gains.

According to a JPMorgan Bank survey, Ethereum is predicted to surpass Bitcoin in the long run. Although Bitcoin is more of a currency and is used as a store of value, Ethereum, according to the bank, is the cornerstone of the crypto assets network and is used on a regular basis for transactions between various providers. Ethereum also has a benefit in terms of market liquidity, particularly for derivatives.

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