Ways to treat your Hematoma problem naturally

Ways to treat your Hematoma problem naturally

When your blood collects in the particular part of your body outside your blood vessels then this disease is known as Hematoma. The main reason for causing this problem is the injury caused in the blood vessels which in turn create the blood flow outside the blood vessels. Whether it’s your artery, vein or capillary muscles, the injury in these causes Hematoma disease.

When Hematoma disease occurs, it causes swelling or reddishness beneath the skin. So, in other words, you can say when your blood vessels inside your body start leaking then it will cause this disease. If you put pressure on those damaged blood vessels then it will cause a severe problem. In this type of issue, when the blood flow obstructs in the body, then you may be advisable to visit the doctor immediately. 

In many cases, this problem heals with time. This means the blood vessels start repairing with the movement of the body. While in other cases, it can be treated with the surgical methods in which the doctors will remove the blood-based upon the symptoms and location. This job is mainly done by a Phlebotomist (a phlebotomist will take your blood samples first according to the doctor’s guide for some tests. In the future, phlebotomist jobs are expected to grow by 17% as the blood issues/diseases are also increasing day by day). Now, you have come to know what Hematoma is so, now we will discuss the causes of this problem.

Causes of Hematoma

Injury or trauma in the blood vessels of the body causes Hematoma. They are considered to be the main cause of this problem. When the integrity of the blood vessel wall gets disrupted and blood gets collected outside the vessels then that part of the body becomes reddish or purple and eventually results in Hematoma.

Not only the large damage can cause this problem but also the small injury can cause this issue in the body. For instance, the Hematoma for the nail occurs due to the minor injury inside the nail and the color of the nail gets changed. This type of Hematoma called subungual Hematoma.

Other major causes like falling from the height or met with an accident causes can cause more severe Hematoma. This is because there will be chances to get large bleeding inside the abdomen or chest which will result in this problem. Tissue injuries caused by surgeries, whether it may be invasive or medical can cause Hematoma in the body. 

Very few people knew that blood thinners can also cause Hematoma in our body. Also, aspirin related products and medications will also cause Hematoma and people taking these medications are at higher risk to develop Hematoma faster than those who don’t. These medicines will result in the impairing of blood as a result of blood clots form.

Therefore it is advisable for people to make less use of these medicines. Other common medicines that people take and these medicines increase the formation of Hematoma are Vitamin E capsules, anti-inflammatory drugs and garlic supplements. These medicines may pose a risk to get this disease formed inside the body. Now, you have got the idea of how Hematoma formed inside your body. Let’s discuss its symptoms one should feel in their bodies.

Symptoms of Hematoma

Blood that gets leaked from the blood vessels will cause inflammation inside the part of your body that will results in pain, swelling and redness. The fact is that these symptoms will also depend on the location and size of the injury whether they cause oedema or swelling.

In subdural Hematoma, one should feel headache and several neurological problems like weakness on one side as well as difficulty in speaking. While Epidural Hematoma includes symptoms like back pain, weakness and loss of bladder control.

Sometimes it may happen that some of the Hematoma issues don’t cause any symptoms like bleeding inside the abdomen. This will result in a large size of the abdominal cavity inside the human’s body. Therefore as we said, depending on the location and size of the injury, one can felt its symptoms.

Home remedies or natural ways to treat Hematoma

As discussed before, most of the Hematoma is not serious, therefore they can be treated at home with the natural ways. We have listed some of the natural ways below that will surely help you to get relief from Hematoma

  • Pineapples served as a great way to reduce inflammation in the affected area of the body. They contain the enzyme called bromelain that will help to repair damaged blood vessels. To make the use of Pineapple to treat Hematoma you need to cut it into small slices and gently apply on the affected part. Keep it on the affected part for about 3 to 5 minutes and after that remove it. Also, make sure you should not put the fruit on the affected area for more than 5 minutes because it may burn your skin. Alternatively, you can try to drink fresh pineapple juice to recover faster.
  • Onion is another thing you can use to treat Hematoma with ease. Onion contains a substance called allicin that will help to treat tears of tissues in the body. To use onion, you need to cut it into slice and place it over the affected part for about 12-15 minutes. Also, you can soak onion in apple cider vinegar as it will give yo0u a fast relief.
  • When it comes to the natural healing of Hematoma then chocolates also play an important role in healing this disease. For this, you can warm the chocolate and wait until it gets melted. After that, you can apply the melted chocolate over your affected part and cover it with the bandage. This will not allow the melted chocolate to run over your part. 
  • Epsom salt also helps to heal with Hematoma as it will effectively reduce swelling present inside the tissues. It’s a well-known fact that Epsom salt contains the ability to relax muscles as well as relieve pain. To apply it on your affected part, you just need to soak Epsom salt in the warm water and soak your affected area until the water becomes cool. This will provide great relief in your swelling area.
  • Lavender oil is considered to be the best therapy to treat Hematoma. All skin problems can be solved with the help of lavender oil. To use it, just pour some water in the bowl and add some drops of Lavender oil in it. Lavender oil helps to heal Hematoma effectively and also make removes scars more efficiently. 
  • Turmeric is considered to be a wonderful item for health and beauty. Turmeric is known to contain anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties that will help to heal Hematoma with ease. You just need to mix turmeric powder in lukewarm water and drink it every day. If you follow this regularly then Hematoma will go automatically.
  • Another remedy to treat Hematoma is the use of Toothpaste. It has some fluids present in it that will make the discoloration and swelling go away faster. You just need to kix the toothpaste and create some mild lotion. After that, you need to apply that lotion on the affected surface at night. To prevent stains on your bed you need to cover this with a bandage or a clean cloth. Wash it on the next day and to get better results you need to repeat it regularly till the disease goes away. 
  • Avoid moving the injured part will also help you to decrease swelling. If you take rest and massage your affected part with essential oil then it will reduce swelling and inflammation and improves your pain. This will also relax the muscles and soft tissues and heal your part effectively.
  • Using warm compresses on the injury will give you a lot of relief. This will improve the blood circulation and support the dilated blood vessels. Just keep in mind to keep the hot bag on the affected area on the early stage of injury otherwise it will create harm. It is advisable to not to use it after surgery. 


Hematoma can be healed with the natural ways and if it will not be treated properly at an early stage then it will create complexities. Therefore in this article, we have discussed different natural ways to recover from Hematoma. We have also discussed the causes and symptoms of this injury. We would make sure that these remedies will effectively reduce the impact of Hematoma and make your body healthy and fit.

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