Turning Bets into Real Cash

Turning Bets into Real Cash

With the rapid development of the betting industry, new bookies started popping up every single day.

Their corporate policies have downsides in terms of limits set for punters.

They also contributed to the development of the punting landscape.

you will find a bookie to join. Your choice is supposed to be based on available bonuses, payment methods, customer support, and other features.

After placing a deposit and making your first bet, you expect a positive outcome. Even if your bonus bet actually wins, there’ll inevitably be turnover requirements on the winnings. They will stop you from accumulating the cash on your website balance, playing them through, and withdrawing it to your bank account.

The bookie is usually ahead of you regardless of your plans. By making $1.04 betting shots, you will face a minimum price for these turnover bets, reaching up to $1.50+.

While a bonus bet offer may seem to be based on a free deposit, the odds of your average mug actually end up with real cash in your pocket. The results happen to be pretty slim. But thanks to reliable bettors, you don’t have to be an average mug.

Turn Bonus Bets into Cash

The attractiveness of the bonus bet is that you’re not actually risking any of your own funds. Instead, you expect the bonus bet to come, so you can have the edge to cover both sides of a bet and guarantee yourself a positive outcome.

The key to successful claiming of your bonus is associated with the well-trusted and well-reputed bookie. With the laying approach, you can bet on something that isn’t going to happen. For instance, if you are about to lay Phar Lap in the Melbourne Cup, you will bet on it not winning.

Betting Calculations

Let’s say that you have a $40 bonus bet that you’re using on a Premier League match. You support Manchester United to win at $12. If Leicester becomes a winner, you’ll collect $200 (the $40 bonus stake is never added to the bonus bet). And if Manchester United doesn’t win, you won’t get anything.

This is where the arb steps in. You can use the collected $200 to effectively ensure a profit on the other side of the result if Manchester United doesn’t win. You do this by laying Leicester on the selected bookie’s website.

In the best possible scenario, Manchester United’s laying price is $12, so there’s no “middle ground” between the two prices to be covered. If this is the case, you just need to divide the potential winnings by the odds ($200 / 12) and lay that amount ($16.67 stake for $83.33 liability).

The final outcomes are going to be:

  • Manchester United wins – $200 collect from bookie, $83.33 loss on the selected bookie. Net profit is $16.67.
  • Manchester United loses – $16.67 win on the selected bookie.

As you can see, you will get $16.67 anyway. Your reward of $40 is not everything you get. There can be some additional treats. But $16.67 is the free money that you can cash out or bet again.

The dollar result will be the same. But the better result for you is that Manchester United loses. Once the $16.67 profit lands in your account, it won’t be subject to the turnover policies. If Manchester United wins, you will have to share your reward with the bookie. Of course, the longer the odds you’re betting at (in this case $12), the better the chance is of that happening.

After all, you don’t have to sit around with your calculator estimating the possible outcomes. You can find a lot of useful tools on the web. Don’t make your betting adventure so complicated. With little stress and no panic, you will achieve the desired result by making a good profit.

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