Top 10 Bizarre Facts About Beer

Most of us loves beer, but did you know the facts about beer. Here are 10 bizarre facts about beer and its better to know these beer facts before you got your next drink. Chug! Chug! Chug! Ah.. The famous beer rant. We’re betting these are 10 facts you would least expect to attribute to beer. If we’re wrong, then the next round is on us

Beer Facts: 10 bizarre facts about beer

Beer Facts: 10 bizarre facts about beer

1. The Facial Hair Connection

Long scraggly bits of hair protruding from the faces of men, yes what they call a beard, often stands in the way of drinking beer. But did you know that this can be used to produce beer?

A way to make beer from yeast collected with the help of beard hair has been discovered. Disgusting this might sound, almost repulsive, but let’s throw some light on it. Most of the fermenting yeast in the world is actually harvested from rotting bits of nature.

The beard doesn’t sound so bad, now does it?

2. The White House Brews Its Own Beer

Wowser number two! The leader of the United States actually gets their own freshly brewed beer. The equipment and ingredients are paid for by Obama himself. The White House Honey Ale is brewed specifically by the White House chefs.

Obama sometimes busts it out on campaign trails and is the first President in history to brew his own beer. Bro-bama all the way!

3. The Foam

Not every beer fan approves of the foam sitting majestically atop the drink. It’s not prime on the looks either, but the foam is interestingly one of the most important parts of the beer.

The foam is formed out of a complex carbon dioxide reaction which essentially depicts the quality of the beer. The lack of foam on your beer means that your drink is flat and bland tasting.

Any beer that leaves behind foam once the drink has been chugged down is actually good quality beer.

4. There’s Booze in Space?

10,000 light years away from here exists an enormous floating space keg! No kidding. Scientists have discovered a floating ethyl alcohol space cloud which contains sufficient amounts to produce 400 trillion pints of beer. Why anyone isn’t on a mission to get there, I don’t know.

5. Barley Beer Was Invented in Iran

Isn’t that a surprise, taking into account, of course the fact that it’s literally illegal for most of its people. The early Mesopotamia, what we call Iran was home to delectable barley, out of which beer was brewed.

Since 1979, however the consumption of beer has been illegal and is considered to be a crime punishable by law. Oh the irony.

Some More Strangest Beer Facts

6. What’s the Oldest Recipe in the World?

Ding, ding, ding, we have a winner! It’s beer, if you didn’t guess that by now already. Beer has been doing the rounds for a very long time now, quenching thirsts over the years. So the oldest recipe to ever be uncovered doesn’t belong to some fruity cocktail, but to beer instead.

7. The Marijuana Tie

Did you know that marijuana and beer are actually quite close relatives? The flavoring agents in beer happen to be a hop which is a member of the Cannabaceae family, which if you didn’t guess by now, includes the marijuana plant Cannabis sativa.

Same family, hmm, it’s no wonder you get a kick out of both.

8. The Oldest Drinkable Beer


The year 2010 saw an early 19th century shipwreck near Finland. The hidden treasure that came with that? The oldest drinkable beer in the world. These bottles were preserved by the cold abyss and were found to be very old tasting.

It left an acidic aftertaste with some burnt notes here and there. The old taste comes from the fact that the beer has been fermenting all this while. Five of these preserved bottles are actually under observation to figure out the recipe.

9. Water and Beer


Water is tasteless, yes, but what’s beer without water? The fact of the matter is that the quality of water used in the brewing process determines the taste of your beer.

Chlorinated tap water results in foul tasting beer. Many breweries chose their location so that they are next to reservoirs of pristine clear water. The best beer comes from Ireland’s mountains as the water is of the purest kind.

10. Care for Some Peruvian Spit Beer?

Disgusted just as yet? It so happens that Chicha is a traditional Peruvian corn beer that dates back to Incan times. The secret ingredient? Yup, Spit. Let’s get down to the whys, maybe that would make this sound less disgusting.

The human mouth hosts an array of enzymes and bacteria, some of which can replace the malting process that is used to make beer. What this means is that the fermentation process of the corn can be activated by chewing on it, moistened by the saliva in your mouth.

Chomp on it and spit it right out, all dripping in saliva.

Hopefully, these facts about beer have uncovered the truths about your favorite beverage. So, you got a new topic to discuss in your next visit in pub.

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