Top 10 Best Abs workouts | Ab exercises

Curious! How to lose belly fat? How to get six pack abs? Here are Top 10 Best Abs workouts | Ab exercises to to lose belly fat.

Ask yourself this question, but please be honest. What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you think of fitness??? Six pack abs, right?? Well, you are not the only one who thinks so.

In this hectic routine and busy life, fitness has taken a back seat. Moreover, a flat belly is a symbol of you being fit and active, which in turn increases your social appeal. But, not everyone does have the time to go to a gym and tone oneself.

Today, we are going to tell you the best abs exercises. Now, these exercises not only give you those ripped abs but also strengthen your core. And it is very simple that if your core is strong, then you are strong.

Let us have a look at the best ab workouts. And there is no need for you to hit the gym for these exercises. You can always do them at your home.

Here are Top 10 Best Abs workouts | Ab exercises

Here are Top 10 Best Abs workouts | Ab exercises

1) Burpees

It is not just an exercise; it is a fully fledged war with the body fat. It is a multi step exercise, where inyou push up, you jump and repeat. Probably one of the best abs workout for burning fat. Please click to see the video.

2) Planks

Looks like a cakewalk. But try to hold on for more than 40 seconds. And you will see the magic working. It is a really popular abs exercise for core strengthening. Moreover, the best part is that you can always increase the difficulty level according to your will. Have a look.

3) Mountain Climbers

The ab exercise looks really easy but it is way too beneficial. Once you start doing it, you will really feel as to what it feels like to climb a mountain. One more good workout to get six-pack absCheck out the video.

4) High Knees

It is a cardio-cum strength ab exercise with multiple benefits. Though, I would suggest that people with knee pain do not try it. It focuses on the every part of your abdominal muscle and jumping will strengthen your calves and thighs too. A bit hard exercise but result are awesome. Please click to follow the video.

Few More Ab exercises | Stomach Exercises

5) Bottoms up or Leg Raise

This exercise is menace for your lower abdominal fat as it concentrates on the lower abs. Secondly; it is very beneficial for people with knee pains as it does not put stress on knees. Good for gaining flat and later curved stomach. Watch it right here.

6) Abs in & out

This is one of the best abs exercise, that will really ignite the fire within your belly. It concentrates on your abs and hips. So, either way you are going to get a toned body. You can also modify this exercise in the form of bicycle crunches. Please have a look.

7) Crossbody crunches

This particular abs exercise works on your rectus and transverse abdominals. So, you will miss your love handles once you start doing it. Please click to see the video and take note as to how to do it right.

8) T Plank Push Up

This ab workout is a real challenge because again, it focuses on your core and you will feel your belly stretching and burning after you do this abs exercise. Click to see the video.

9) Inchworms

Very simple; yet very effective abs workout. It would not make you feel like that you are going through some sort of ordeal but it will slowly burn your fat and you won’t even realize it. Yes, it is that easy. Please have a look.

10) Mogul Jump

It is again a multi benefit exercise and concentrates on your abs, hips and lower back together. It is a really hard ab exerciseas it pumps out the air out of you in no time. While, you are doing this exercise, you will really feel the heat inside your abdomen. Click to watch the video.

Friends, here we have given you the top 10 best abs exercises. Try them out and feel the change. I bet you would not be disappointed at all.

Adios…and start your ab workouts now!

Wish you Six-pack abs SOON!

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