Toll Free Numbers: Is There A Reason Businesses Still Keep Them?

Toll Free Numbers: Is There A Reason Businesses Still Keep Them?

Since rates for calls have become cheaper, it has become so much easier for people to reach anyone via phone.

In fact, one can easily get a virtual number from practically any country of your choice using providers such as Telnum.

Given this and the power of the internet, why do toll free numbers still exist? Most customers aren’t concerned about the costs of long-distance calls, anyway.

But beyond the reason of practicality, there are purposes that a toll free number can still fulfill. In this article, you’ll get acquainted with what a toll number is, why it still exists, and whether you should get it for your business.

A Quick Introduction on Toll Free Numbers

If you’ve ever seen a 1-800 number, then you already know what a toll number is. Customers use it to make long-distance landline calls without paying for it. Although it’s normally used for customer service, establishments also use it to let people place orders.

Apart from the 800 local codes, a business also has 833, 844, 855, 866, 877, and 888 to choose from. You have the freedom to get whatever you think will benefit your business the most.

Reasons Establishments Chose To Get or Keep One

1. It increases business credibility

Think of it this way: are you more likely to trust an establishment that you can contact through multiple methods?

Most customers view businesses that have all these extras (regardless of the necessity of those extra investments) because it signifies a strong and stable cash flow. In extension, a business that can invest in amenities like a toll free number, therefore, offers a good product or service because it can sustain higher business costs.

More importantly, it tells customers that you’ve been around for some time and most likely will be around in the future. This will help put their mind at ease in transacting with you. This is most especially true in businesses that offer warranty or long-term services.

2. It is much cheaper than it used to be

The cost of maintaining this service is much lower than it used to be. And comparing this to the benefits it provides, it makes so much sense for companies to avail themselves one.

So even with startups where every dollar spent matters, it is highly possible to make some room to accommodate this in their budget.

3. It improves branding

Remember that unlike before, not every business is willing to invest in this. So for everyone who can and is willing, it’s great news! Because you won’t just be another tree in the forest that is just the same as everyone else, you will enjoy these branding benefits:

  1. It makes you more memorable. Your Australia toll free number is an opportunity to use your creative juices to give your customer base something to remember. For example, a cleaning service can have 1-800-WECLEAN so anyone who sees even just your number has an idea of what you offer right away.
  1. It’s permanent. And as you know, stability makes customers comfortable. Even if you change locations, you don’t have to constantly inform them of a new way for them to reach you.
  1. It increases the appeal of your business. If your number isn’t just a series of random numbers, it makes the establishment a little more special than everyone else.

4. It lets you reach more people

Let’s face it. Although not as many people rely on phones to contact a business, some still prefer this method. So by having this in your toolbox, you’re not marginalizing a segment of paying customers that still rely on phones instead of the internet.

Another reason is even those who have reliable internet connections still like the personal touch. Having another voice at the end of the line is much more personal than sending an email.

Should you get one for your business?

If you identify a business with any of these, then you should strongly consider investing in a toll free number:

1. You operate in two or more cities

If you’re able to grow your business with just the local bulletin board or a few Facebook posts, then maybe it’s not yet for you. But once you’re ready to expand, then you’re ready for it.

This only applies if you’re looking to get it purely to reach more people because there might be a reason for you to get one even if your establishment hasn’t reached that size yet.

2. You want your company to appear larger for a customer

A toll free number has the power to make any business look more successful in the eyes of the customer. So to get a company to the next level, this might just be what it takes to get there.

3. You cater to the low-income market

If your customers don’t have much spending power, not having a toll free number may hinder them from connecting with you. In this case, it may be necessary to get one.

Although toll free numbers seem outdated, it is actually a business tool with big potential, even in the age of the internet and hyperconnectivity.

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