The 5 most common emergency Plumbing Issues

The 5 most common emergency Plumbing Issues

A functional plumbing system is something that most of us underestimate and it is obvious that when we turn the tap, we simply expect water to flow and flow down the drain.

Once in a while, what should happen simply doesn’t, and at that moment, you realize you urgently need a plumber to address and fix your plumbing problem.

Below are the five most common plumbing emergencies that need to be fixed urgently by a professional plumber.

1. Pipe raptures 

When water pressure increases in a weak joint of a water pipe, chances that the pipe will burst are high. If that happens, it can cause serious water damage, depending on the extent of the pipe damage. A pipe burst can go a long way to even destroying a structure in a very short time and this presents an immediate danger to your home and everything inside. 

2. Sewer backup

This is another common plumbing emergency. At the point when your sewer backs up, the waste that you’ve flushed away from your home surges back up your lines and into your home again. This can be disgusting and hazardous. When it happens and action is not taken immediately, it forestalls the capacity to utilize the facilities or run water, which makes living in such an environment extremely difficult. 

3. Overflowing Toilet

The bathroom is the most used fitting in any home and an overflowing toilet will be a cause for alarm. It is ideal to fix a clogged toilet fast to save water wastage that an overflowing toilet may cause. If your toilet begins to flood, avoid using any of the pipes and the plumping system in your home until your plumber identifies the reason for the clogged and overflowing toilet.

4. Lack of Water

Having dry pipes when you are supposed to have water running should be a concern and it can be a sign of a pipe leaking or something else that may be a disaster in your home. This can also be a sign of an underlying bigger problem like a clogged pipe that might cause pipe rapture. Lack of water in your facilities will restrict you from using any facility in your home, especially those that need water. So, there is a need to call your emergency plumbing professional.

5. Faulty Water Heater.

When there are water heater malfunctions, there might be leaky springs causing all the water to pour out of the water tank heater. If this goes on for a few days, you need to effectively fix the issue. This may also mean there is an issue with the water heater. On several occasions, when professional plumbers are called in because of a plumbing problem, they often come to resolve problems with a water heater. A faulty water heater is a plumbing emergency in many homes, especially during winter when warm water is in high demand and many pipes become frozen due to extremely low temperatures.

Today, people are familiar with modern plumbing and depend on the plumbing system to work properly for them to live their normal lives. So, when the pipes fail, you suddenly realize how important they are to your home’s entire plumbing system. Call The Plumber Guys emergency plumbing service Austin Tx as soon as possible when any of these plumbing emergencies occur.

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