How to Take Care of Floor Jacks

How to Take Care of Floor Jack

A floor jack is one of the useful and needed tools that you should have in your garage. Anytime you need to repair, change or observe any components underside of the vehicle; the floor jack comes into play.Though any good quality floor jack may last well for years, it depends on how you take care of it.

As it is effortless to take care a floor jack, if you are so busy with your work, you can still take proper care or maintain a floor jack. It takes just 3 minutes to maintain a floor jack. In this content, we will give you a proper guideline on “How to take care of floor jacks.”

How to Properly Maintain Your Floor Jack?

How to Take Care of Floor Jacks cover

Keep your floor jack Clean:

It is very important to clean your floor jack properly. Due to grease, dust and dirt catch a floor jack more often.  So, it should be cleaned before it has been used.

You can clean it with a cloth first then wipe the surface with an oily cloth.  And the cleaning time will depend on the uses of the floor jack. Normally, once a year is must, but it will increase if you use it regularly.

Regular Inspections:

How to Take Care of Floor Jacks

Regular inspections are must for a floor jack. You should inspect a floor jack before and after uses.Pay the most attention to the handle and lift arm as those points are used most in a floor jack. After cleaning a floor jack, it is easier to notice the defect on your floor jack.

Try to make an inspections list and try to check everything that is on the list such as

  • Cracks
  • Dents
  • Frame of the jack
  • leaks of hydraulic oil
  • Check for the loose nuts

Cracks are most dangerous things that you don’t want in your jack. If you find this just fix it quickly. If you find any traces of leaking hydraulic oil, then it will not be good for a floor jack.


The functions of a floor jack largely depend on the moving parts like wheels and hinges of it. For proper functioning of this moving part, you have to lubricate all those part with grease or oil. Research shows that grease is better than oil as it keeps flowing to other components.

Replace Hydraulic Oil:

Hydraulic floor jack uses oil that helps it lifting the load effortlessly. When the oil level goes below the required level, the floor jack tends to behave differently when lifting the weight.

So it important to maintain the required level of hydraulic oil and refill when it gets below.

Tighten the loose nuts:

Please check the nuts off the floor jack carefully during the inspection and if you find any, please tight it.

Have a Maintenance Schedule:

Though the maintenance of floor jack is effortless, you should maintain the regularity. So it is a good idea to keep a notebook with maintenance dates including last time of hydraulic oil refill date, lubrication date, Inspection date, etc.

Final Verdict:

Those are the most important points that should keep in mind in maintaining a floor jack. And now it is your turn to apply those tricks and maintain your floor jack. If you fall into any problem just comment here, we are here to solve it.


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