Looking for Romantic Places? Greece is the Main Choice

You are confused about where to take your beloved partner, want an unforgettable romantic trip with your partner? Come to Greece. Many tourist attractions in Greece that you can visit and different from others. Greece is a very romantic country and certainly very beautiful and full of long history.

Looking for Romantic Places? Greece is the Main Choice

Not just beautiful, this place is the embodiment of all the beautiful places of fairyland.

Why Greece? Because in Greece there is one romantic island that is Santorini who entered the ranks of 10 most romantic places worldwide. Check out the romantic tips to travel to Greece following. Do not forget you should add the hotel as your preferred venue for your trip before leaving for Greece, as the quality of your accommodation and hotel will play an important role in your travels, Hostelbay the best hotel accommodation for your Greek tour.



Santorini is famous for its sea views with breathtaking sunsets. Not only that, in Santorini is also famous for the design of white houses and there are many stairs. Set foot in Santorini is a dream of many people but so far only the elite who can enjoy the classical country with a guaranteed partner will not be forgotten. But no need to be discouraged you can fly to Santorini by saving from now. Romantic tourist attractions of tourists around the world are indeed arguably the honeymoon wizard.



After Santorini, you can visit Mykonos. What is Mykonos? Mykonos is a Greek cosmopolitan area that is a paradise for lovers traveling around the world. Mykonos has another name that is Chora. Mykonos is dominated by magnificent houses and elites are white and the surrounding is also given a white car. The white color is not haphazard because Chora means white city.


Delphi Theater

For those of you who like the world of archeology do not forget to visit the sights in Greece ie Theater Delphi. This theater is a world-renowned archaeological site built on a hill. In addition to increasing your insight, you can enjoy the view of the valley on a stunning mountain.


Mount Athos

The mountain is located in northern Greece is often referred to as a sacred mountain by the Yunanti community. There is a special monastic building which currently houses about 1400 orthodox monks. But to get to the Greek monastic building is very tight because it is considered a holy place that not everyone can enter into it. Both men and women should not enter indiscriminately into this building. It is said that the monks who enter the building you are the women who fled the modern world to serve.



In Greece, there is a traditional village that has survived in the first-century. Lindos is on the island of Rodos. Rural areas are also dominated by white houses up to white flat streets. You can enjoy beautiful and unbeatable beach scenery in Lindos.

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