Steroid World: What SARM Drugs Are And Where They Came From

While there is still a lot of discussion going around about steroids, there is one thing we can’t deny. Although opinions vary, these products are here to stay. Given their effects, this is not surprising. And since they are not going anywhere, you might as well get answers to some of the questions and doubts you might have.

Steroid World: What SARM Drugs Are And Where They Came From

Check out how they work on athletes:

Steroids Safety

We are all aware of how steroids can affect our bodies and what they are good for. Similarly, we can also not neglect the fact that some people are dealing with negative consequences after taking them. Why is it that you can’t seem to find the answer to as simple a question as: “Are steroids safe?”

When you try to research the topic, you find information both on their benefits and their side-effects. Your extensive reading shows that you can expect to get some positive effects, while being at risk of some negative ones. Isn’t it the same with any other drugs, though? Yet, you cannot weigh the pros and cons.

Then, you assume the best thing to do is to ask around and hear what people who use them have to say. And this is generally a great idea. However, keep in mind that there are people who misuse these products. Exaggerating is bound to have some consequences. Again, isn’t it the same with any other drug?

Is There Something Safer?

Therefore, when you find an anabolic steroid drugs corp., the key is to check out everything they are offering and refrain from raiding their shelves. Use the products carefully and take the right doses. It is important to keep it safe.

Is There Something Safer?

Speaking of safety, there seems to be a less harmful solution than actual steroids on the market. There are drugs said to have the same effects, but without the negative consequences. Still, that doesn’t mean that you should not be careful with these as well.

Like I said, any medicine product has to be used cautiously. If we could just take whatever, whenever, and however we like, then why would we need doctors and instructions for use? Ask yourself this – would you take antibiotics in such a reckless manner?

I cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of proper medicine usage. Still, I want to believe that all of you thinking of taking SARM drugs are responsible enough to know how to get yourself properly informed before starting to use them. That being said, it’s time to learn what these drugs are and where they came from.

What Are SARM Drugs?

What Are SARM Drugs?

Selective androgen receptor modulators work by binding to your androgen receptors. That induces some changes in your DNA and affects the growth of your muscles. This makes them an effective performance-enhancing drug. You can find more info here.

As you can see, the principle is the same as with steroids. However, there is an important difference. That difference is closely related to the idea of safety that we discussed above. Let’s check it out.

While working on your muscles, steroids also affect other parts of your body. That leads to those side effects that people sometimes experience. These range from acne and hair loss, to prostate and liver issues. Essentially, steroids affect your whole body.

SARMs, on the other hand, are claimed to be selective. What does that mean? Well, they target only and specifically your muscles. That means that they won’t set off a whole chain of reactions in your body. Consequently, they are said not to be harmful for your health.


Funny story. These were created ACCIDENTALLY. Can you believe that? A highly beneficial medicine produced by mistake… What, did it just appear somewhere out of the blue and then someone said: “Hey, let’s see what this can do”? That would be amusing, but no, that’s not how things went down.

In the nineties, a scientist named James T Dalton was working on prostate cancer treatments. But, in his research, he came across something entirely different, which made him shift the entire focus on the newly discovered substance. It was a molecule named andarine and it had no use in treating cancer.

However, although andarine wasn’t the “cure for cancer”, it quickly showed to have some other beneficial properties. Dalton found that it had a remarkable effect on the growth of muscles. Although that wasn’t what he was going for initially, he didn’t want to let this go unnoticed and fade into oblivion.

So, he started working on refining this molecule and consequently, ostarine was created. That is a SARM that helps bodybuilders quickly achieve their desired results. Naturally, a lot of studies and clinical trials were conducted during the process.

During those trials, ostarine was found to help people increase lean muscle mass. Additionally, it had a positive effect on fat reduction. In few words, it showed to be beneficial both for losing weight and for bulking up. In addition to that, very few side effects were discovered. But, I have already explained that above.

From there on, a lot of different types of SARMs were created in order to help people get the body they want. Unsurprisingly, they are now widely being used by men and women both. Furthermore, they are often thought of as the ultimate supplements for bodybuilders who are health conscious and careful about what they put inside their bodies.

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