Software Development Trends that Took Over Last Year

Software Development Trends that Took Over Last Year

Software developers must embrace and implement new technologies that benefit their clients to stay ahead of the curve. Moreover, emphasizing state-of-the-art technologies can place a developer ahead of the competition. Technology does not stand still, and developers must be willing to change with it.


Year after year, cybercriminals have become increasingly sophisticated. In response, cybersecurity specialists must develop more advanced security measures. The advancements made by security experts are frequently just a step ahead of those made by cybercriminals. 

During 2020 and 2021, more businesses moved to a remote workforce in response to COVID measures and restrictions. Because home networks are usually not as secure as those in an office setting, this provided a prime opportunity for cybercriminals to attack the home networks of employees, as well as their personal devices. Cybersecurity experts had to shift focus to new forms of attack. 

In 2022, cybersecurity will focus on:

  • Cloud attacks

Many businesses have shifted their digital workspace and other operations to the cloud, giving cybercriminals a fresh opportunity to breach corporate networks. In response, cloud service providers need to revamp their security measures and allow developers to build advanced software that addresses the security issues faced by cloud providers.

  • Software to prevent cloud attacks

Prevention is key to cybersecurity. As a developer, place your focus on creating solutions that nix an attack before it can occur.

  • 5G security

As 5G rolls out in cities worldwide, there will undoubtedly be new and unusual weaknesses that cybercriminals can exploit. If you want to stay ahead of the curve, study the technology behind 5G for possible security weaknesses and build solutions to fortify those weaknesses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI includes various technologies that analyze customer data to enhance a customer’s experience, including the suggestion of items based on previous purchases and searches. We will continue to use AI  to track and predict trends in the future, allowing businesses to adapt quickly. 

Companies are poised to embrace predictive analytics powered by AI, letting them define their demographics and reach new customers. AI will continue to make inroads into the customer service realm, automated chatbots, and speech recognition. Speech recognition can aid overseas call center staff and domestic customer service representatives in helping foreign customers.

Big Data is Getting Bigger

It’s only a matter of time before even the smallest businesses must begin using big data. What is big data? A simple way to think of it is that it is a means to deal with data sets that are too large or complex to be handled by traditional data-processing software. 

The development of big data technology will be significant moving into 2022 and beyond.

  • In-Memory Computation is something every developer needs to become familiar with. It can exponentially increase the speed of real-time processing. As a result, businesses will be able to speed up their decision-making, thus staying ahead of the competition.
  • Augmented Analytics can significantly decrease data preparation time, giving business owners daily insight into their market share, customer demographics, and much more.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

From controlling your air conditioner from your smartphone to smart cars, the internet connects more and more things. As you probably know, the internet of things works by collecting data through a series of sensors embedded in various devices and appliances and transferring it to the cloud. 

As more devices become connected to the internet, there is an increased opportunity for using this connectivity in marketing. The IoT enables targeted marketing to specific demographic and geographic areas.

This fast, highly secure process creates a satisfying user experience. In 2022, developers should place some focus on IoT development. The application of IoT is broad, ranging from smartwatches that help monitor health to home security systems. The developer’s imagination is the only limit to IoT development.

Progressive Web Applications  

Like native apps, progressive web apps are lighter and faster, and we can use them offline. These apps do not need to be updated because they automatically update every time we use them. 

You’ll love progressive web apps as a developer since you won’t need to build different versions for various devices. Major companies have already embraced progressives. Your smaller clients will want to upgrade their current apps to progressive web applications.

Java Isn’t Going Anywhere and Python Keeps Growing

Java has been around since the 90s, and it will remain a top choice for developers. It’s highly secure, stable, and runs on every device. Java is the preferred language for Google, Amazon, and Microsoft app development. Java also has many open-source libraries for developers to use. As a developer, stay on top of all Java developments, as it will remain the most potent tool you have. 

Python is easy to learn, making it popular with new web developers. Like Java, it remains a timeless trend in IT development. It’s begun to supersede Java in popularity among developers. 

The machine-learning explosion has prompted more and more developers to learn Python. The language is simple, and it can also support several programming categories. Python has several software libraries that developers can quickly drop into an application. Python gives web and desktop app development opportunities to arrange system operations.  

TensorFlow and PyTech for Machine Learning

TensorFlow will continue to dominate machine learning development. It provides a solid, Python-friendly framework for building machine learning applications. However, PyTech, owned by Facebook, is also gaining in popularity. Developers will increase the adoption of both frameworks as machine learning becomes endemic.

Modern Software Developers Need to Keep Up with the Times

According to Digital Authority Partners,  software developers must keep pace with these technological developments that open new opportunities. By building applications with the latest technology, you’ll be able to offer your clients an innovative, superior product and user experience. 

What has once been considered futuristic technology is now ordinary and integrated into businesses, small and large. The year 2022 promises to be extraordinary in several ways, not least of which is a segue into 22nd-century futurism. Web developers are at the forefront of the race to the future.

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