Best Scuba diving for beginners in Goa with mojhi

Hello ,  Today I will give you best experience for Scuba Driver . There may be enough action in Goa to keep you busy on dry land but the real thrills lie underwater. The best months to dive here are October through April. Goa works equally well for beginners and pros. Get best scuba diving experience with mojhi .


Best Scuba diving for beginners in Goa with mojhi

Best Scuba diving for beginners in Goa: Complete Review 

” life is sweeter and more colorful at sea . life is adventure at sea,adventure of infinite degree,the one you cannot explain”

Goa,is a paradise for the young. Even though Goa doesn’t offer top visibility,there are days when it is “not so bad” in Dec-Jan.I was a lucky few to jump when the water was stable and with great visibility.Look at the color of water along the grande island completely Blue without the rarest hint of wind that could storm up the sea.

Mojhi will offer you various variety of option in scuba diving . Their offers are very exiting and affordable . You should try them out at least once . Goa is best place for enjoying your weekend and holidays .

Scuba Diving in Goa:

I will tell you more in detail about scuba diving .If you are not proffesional then you should find some professional Scuba diving operators throughout Goa ,  monji will provide all kind of help to explore the underwater magic  by providing training and arranging all the required Scuba gear and transport for your diving.

” They will offer Scuba diving courses for non-swimmers and kids too in Goa. “

Here are some Important points about Scuba Diving season in Goa

  • Scuba Diving season is from mid October to mid April
  • Underwater visibility ranges between 5-10 m
  • Water temperature is around 27-30° C throughout the season making diving here very comfortable.


How to start your Adventure with mojhi

It is India’s largest adventure portal. They have 70+ Scuba diving adventures for you in Goa offered by 8 professional Scuba Diving companies

  • First you need to Enter your contact details
  • After that you will Get quotes from multiple operators
  • At last Pick the best one and book online….. Go for Adventure ….


Frequently Asked Questions

 Go for more detail view about Scuba diving in Goa with mojhi

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  • What is the best season for scuba diving in India?
  • Is scuba diving and snorkelling one and the same?
  • Do I need permission for scuba diving?
  • What happens if my scuba diving equipment malfunctions? Is there a backup?
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