Top 5 Killer Tips to Increase Google Adsense CPC and CTR

We are all using Adsense as a primary income. We always try new tips to increase our Adsense income. I have seen a lot of blogs filled with a number of annoying ads. I don’t know what such sites meant to do. Probably they were trying to boost CTR.

ADSENSE will provide BEST CPC and CTR. But this will improve your Adsense earning 3X time more compare to Earning as the present .

There are another method to earn money from AFFILIATE marketing. But AdSense is at it’s BEST.


Do such practices work well?


Sometimes you may get banned from Adsense for “Over optimized ads.“ Here I am gonna share tips to Increase Google Adsense CPC and CTR that works well.


What are CTR and CPC?

CPC stands for Cost Per Click, that means how much you can earn from every ad click. It usually depends on Country, Keyword, Ad type, Page Rank, and Quality of blog.

CTR stands for Click Through Rate, That means how many percentages of visitors click the ads. It depends on Ad Placement, Ad Color, and Content suitable Ads. 


Top 5 Killer Tips to Increase Google Adsense CPC and CTR

Top 5 Tricks and Tips to Increase Google Adsense CPC and CTR

DO you have Blog or Website? IF yes, then you should monetise it for making money. Here Adsense is the best method to make money with it. Adsense will provide best CTR and CPC.

BUT sometimes it is not right for your expectation here is one method from which you can improve your earning with high CTR and CPC.


1. Ad color optimization

You need to match your ads with your blog template color to boost your CTR. It maintains a good appearance too. Follow the given steps

  • Find the most used color from your template ( not white ???? )
  • I took light green demo color
  • Make an ad in Adsense using following colors

Border: Default
Title: Dark Green
Background: Default
Text: Black is enough, change to brown or other dark colors while using red or orange as Title color.
Url: Light gray

  • Use your logic and make some changes
  • As the conclusion, Ad must match your blog color withDarker title, darkest text, and very light URL.
  • You can see the demo ad below
  • If your blog is in blue template, you can try below ad colors which work more than the ordinary blue ads

this is the best method to Increase Google Adsense CPC and CTR


2.Ad Position Optimization

Placement of Adsense ads also plays a significant role in CTR.  Refer heat map given below before placing your ads. While placing ads inside the post( above, in between or below) don’t hesitate to use the alignment ( left or center or right).

Perfectly aligned ads look good and lead to better conversion. Using this technique, you can Increase Google Adsense CPC and CTR.

3. Block unwanted ads

You can block the unwanted category of ads in Adsense. By this, we can show more content related ads and gradually increase in CTR. You can block up to 50 categories of ads, so think wise and do best. The best method to Increase Google Adsense CPC and CTR.

The sensitive category is paramount there, so choose one or two suitable sensitive categories and block others.

4. Block low CPC ads

In above step, you have made your blog to show more targeted ads, but most of the ads showing up in low PR blogs are usually very low in CPC. By blocking such low CPC advertisers, we can have some higher CPC ads.

Go to Adsense << Allow & Block Ads << Advertiser URLs copy and paste the given URLs and block them
find it


5.Content is the king

This is the first step you need to do. Write Search engine optimized posts for your readers with some internal links. It helps to boost user interaction and gradually increase your Adsense income defiantly.


Final Words

The tips mentioned above are legal, but you must take care of the Adsense privacy policies. Share below if you have more tips

I hope you enjoyed this post. A comment or share is appreciated

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