How to create a sitemap for blogger blog

In this article we are going to create a sitemap for blogger,  everyone knows that sitemap is critical for blogging because it helps search engine to find the post on your blog. Create a sitemap for WordPress is easy.

 But if you want to create a sitemap for blogger then you must know little coding. Here I am giving you simple code, just put it, and your sitemap is ready. So let’s start How to create a sitemap for blogger blog.

Site maps allow search engines to crawl all the pages of our blog. Creating an XML sitemap in Google webmaster tool is a most common practice, but it is not useful for readers.

This post teaches you to make an HTML sitemap page on your blogger blog, which helps both search engines and users to index your blog posts quickly. HTML sitemap page can increase your blog popularity if you are writing a series post on the specific niche.

Such sitemaps show readers similar post as per their interest. In blogger, you can make HTML sitemaps for entire blogs and the specific category.

create a sitemap for Blogger Sitemap for Entire Blog ( All Categories)

  • First of all, you need to make a blank page named Sitemap ( any name)
  • (Optional) Write one or two sentences
  • Switch to HTML mode inside the post
  • Paste the following code inside the post″>
  • Replace “” with your blog name
  • Publish the page

View the page create sitemap for

blogger Sitemap Page for Specific Category

You can align posts in specific category as Sitemap by using following code instead of above code. all other steps are similar to first one.

  • Replace “” with your blog name
  • Replace “Label%20Name” with your label name, For example if you choose the label “Blogger tips“. Use “Blogger%20tips” inside the code. %20 stands for space between each word. For one word label you can avoid the %20.

Something More

The HTML sitemap mentioned above is for both search engines and readers so that you should place a link to sitemap page in your sidebar or menu bar to get more user interaction. Comment below your doubts and suggestion, Happy Blogging……

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