Grammarly Vs Whitesmoke complete Overview

All of us are having different taste and uses different grammar checker online. Some tools are good enough and some are not. For any blogger, or writer everybody needs an online checker to get their content to be free of errors to be rated the most.

Sometimes we people don’t have patience about our content that it is error free or not so that it can be posted as soon as possible. So here is the comparison between two most used and popular software for checking the spelling or grammatical like mistakes. check out more grammarly promo code .

It is always very tough to choose the best one from any of the software as every software comes with Pros and Cons. So here we are going to discuss the comparison and advantages of Grammarly and Whitesmoke Software over each other.

Grammarly Vs Whitesmoke

Grammarly Analysis

Most of the popular and used grammar correction, spelling checker software in the world is considered to be Grammarly. For an ideal writing, Grammarly is the perfect software with every feature that we all need. S these are below some benefits that we get from this grammarly software over Whitesmoke.

  1. Check Writing Styles – Grammarly all the time not allows you to use same grammar for every article. It provides you like creative writing, script writing and many more. So it is considered to be the best writing correction software.
  1. Plagiarism Checker – Grammarly software comes with an extreme SEO friendly feature that is Plagiarism Checker. This advanced plagiarism checker traces whether there is other copy of your content on the web and alerts if there is any one.
  1. Grammar Checker – The one of the feature on which grammarly software is based is grammar checker. This feature tells you about the exact from of writing and alerts you whenever their is use of passive voice.
  1. Browser Extensions – Grammarly has its own extensions and gives the advice whenever any error occurs in Facebook status or at any comment box. It also checks for email writings an checks for grammatical errors.

Whitesmoke Analysis

As Grammarly is expected to be the best grammar checker software, at the same time Whitesmoke is rated and reviewed the most. Many people use it on daily basis checking online their content for removing errors.

  1. Whitesmoker Writer – This is the software which checks all the grammar, punctuation errors, style of writing and many more. This software mostly works on every platform like MS Word, Outlook and many other.
  1. Whitesmoke KIBO – Most of you all might be embarrassed with your typing skills. So Whitesmoke has come with new android keyboard that helps you in avoiding the the spelling errors. There are many auto-correction features available in this keyboard. Isn’t it cool.
  1. Plagiarism Checker – This Plagiarism checker traces the duplicacy available of your content that will really affect your ranking and ratings.

So these are the benefits of both the Grammarly as well as Whitesmoke software. You can compare all these given features of both the softwares and then can decide which one will suit to your taste and needs.

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