Epson l120 Resetter Adjustment Program Complete Problems and Solutions

Hi friends, This post is regarding Epson l120 Resetter Adjustment Program. I will explain each and every aspects regarding the Epson l120 Resetter Adjustment Program.

This complete Post will help you to get the best solution for Epson L120 Resetter, just follow the steps properly. Epson l120 Resetter Adjustment Program have some problem such as

  • Limits of printing the green and red lights start blinking on the printer
  • “Service required” dialogue box will be displayed
  • Such problems are due to waste of full, just reset it
  • Done. Your problem is solved.

But wait…. 

There is more problem sometimes, Don’t worry we will find these problems and try to solve them together.

There is some software which can help you to solve these problems, let’s see them in detail and let’s find out how to fix it.

Epson l120 Resetter Adjustment Program Complete Problems and Solutions

Here is list of Epson Ink Jet Printers Problems

  • Indicators Errors
  • Not Printing Correct Colors
  • Blank Printing
  • Double Paper Pickup
  • Paper Pick Up Problems
  • Paper Jam
  • Unknown Printer Errors
  • Cartridge Errors
  • Ink Low – Ink Out
  • Lines on Printing
  • Poor Quality Printing
  • Color Not Printing
  • Printer Not Print Color
  • Head Cleaning
  • Nozzle Clean
  • Missing or Incorrect Color Printing
  • Poor Quality Printing
  • Color Printing Issue
  • Bad Color Printing Issue

follow the below steps using software and manually to fix the Epson l120 resetter adjustment program problem.


Epson l120 Resetter Adjustment Program Using software

  • Switch on the printer
  • Run the software downloaded on printer
  • Dialogue box will appear, just click on select
  • Your printer will be reset soon
  • Select the “Waste Ink Pad Counter”
  • Click on NEXT
  • The dialogue box will appear, with checklist the Main Pad Counter
  • In this dialogue box, there will be two buttons that check and initialization.
  • Check button to get the ink point which has come out of our software will be reset to 0
  • Initialization key is applied to reset the pad counter (main).
  • Press FINISH button for successfully complete the remaining process.
  • Find the download link below.

Epson L120 Re-setter DOWNLOAD HERE

Epson l120 resetter adjustment program: How to perform Manually

I will give you a walkthrough to get Epson l120 resetter adjustment program done manually. Just follow the simple steps and anyone can fix the problem you are facing.

  • Still facing Epson L120 Adjustment Program?
  • Don’t you have time to call a technician and can’t bear the cost?
  • Are you not the technical geek?

 Don’t worry here is the solution,

  • First, find a message “Waste ink pad is full” or same like that.
  • Check that pink button beside the power button should blink constantly.
  • The pink button beside the power button has a steady light that indicates the error.
  • So, that means you got the problem
  • Now time to fix it manually

Follow the two methods for Epson l120 resetter adjustment program manually

First Method:

  • Switch on Printer first
  • Now, Switch it off using OFF button
  • Wait for 2 min. for cooldown of all the processes and its component
  • Now main part, Press and hold Pink button, immediately press the power button.
  • It will turn ON your printer
  • Greenlight will start blinking.
  • Next important step, Once green button, stops blinking, release the pink button.
  • Now you can see steady or blinking LED light on the pink button.
  • Now again press the pink button for about 10-second and release it.
  • once again press it for 2 seconds and release it.

Great !!! Your work is done! 

If the first solution does not solve the problem, Don’t worry here is another solution for this.

Second Method:

  • Do the same switch ON the printer wait for 1 min. then switch it OFF
  • Press the power button this will turn ON your printer
  • At same time Greenlight will start blinking.
  • Release the pink button
  • Now press it again for 10 seconds.

Let us know is this solution work for you or not. If these solutions do not work for you, then please let us know. We will find the solution and try to fix the problem for Epson l120 resetter adjustment program and fix it.

Let us know your view about the post-Epson l120 resetter adjustment program complete overview and Guide in the comment sections.


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