Casino Review : DuckDice is a design-driven Bitcoin dice is a pleasant dice gaming platform which uses cryptocurrency as a currency to play and win some quick buck. Duckdice is a verified operator of Crypto Gambling Foundation (CGF) and it is withholding the vision of the CGF. The vision is simple: to make gambling fair and transparent for all. DuckDice is a design-driven Bitcoin dice.

If you create such an environment, then and then only you can establish trust and progress in this industry. With gaining popularity in almost all the industries, bitcoin has been a beacon in the gambling industry. Bitcoin gambling has proven that the process can become fair and trustable. Casino Review

We will take a short detour and learn more about Bitcoin Gambling. As we all know Crypto market is making a lot of fuss nowadays and online gambling, online casinos, online lotteries, etc. operate from all over the globe which attracts many people. The companies either create their own software or rent it to run these gambling platforms.

One of the major issues in the process is gaining the trust of the players. Most of the companies open up about the working of their software. There is a silver lining in using these online gambling platforms, it offers anonymity, it has a global reach, and it has a large consumer base.

So, the bottom line is you can enjoy Bitcoin Gambling and earn a quick paycheck. But you have to be aware of the volatile nature of the Crypto, legal aspects offered by the platform, and risk associated with the gambling.

Duckdice is a dice game which is built on the Crypto money. In this dice game, players place the bets against a pseudo-random generated number. The game is as close as guessing a number in a lottery and it has a high chance of winning. Reliability is the number one priority of the Duckdice community.

They also have a chat feature which is available only after you place 100 bets in the game. You can chat with the players with a set of emojis and text. The messages can be edited and deleted if you wish. You can also mute, tip, and ignore the annoying users with just using a @username format.

You have to create an account with Duckdice and deposit the Crypto money/use the faucet option. Setting up the bet is a simple and explicit process. Select the bet amount according to your convenience. Now, select the game type – Low, if you feel the appearing number will be lower than the displayed number and High if you feel the appearing number will be greater than the displayed number.

There are three betting types:

  • Manual Betting: Every bet is to be placed manually by clicking a mouse or hotkeys. Select the game type and roll the dice. If your guessing is correct then you will win and the win amount will equal to bet amount multiplied payout to your balance. If you lose you won’t get anything.
  • Auto Betting: To reduce the manual work and loss, you can use auto betting type. The strategy used here is Martingale. You have to fix the betting amount per bet, giving it a thought. Afterward, you need to fill what % you like to play for; this will affect your payout field. Suppose you bet 0.01% (9900x your bet amount) and the highest would be 98% (0.02x your bet amount). You have to specify the number of rolls you wish to play. You can stop the auto bet midway or if the balance runs out. The winnings will be determined by what % you have chosen.
  • Flashbet: You can roll a predefined number of bets on the greatest speed the software can generate. Some of the parameters you will be filling are Bet amount, Win chance or payout, game mode, max bet amount, bets, etc. After filling the various different fields, you have to press the Flash button. Flashbet can place a large number of bets in an instant and you cannot stop it midway or see the statistics. The flashbet will stop as specified in a parameter definition or when the balance is insufficient. After the completion of flashbet, you can see the losses, luck, profit, bets, etc.

The maximum win chance is 98% in the duckdice game with a minimum winning chance of 0.01%. The betting system used by the creators of the Duckdice is cryptographically fair and it is manipulation free.

You might know the fact that to break a Crypto code it will take several years of practice. All the betting data of the user is available in the BET window. Also, the process of depositing and withdrawing the money is made simple, so every user can understand and use it.

Now one might ask Why

  • provides various facilities like bonus games, cool contests, chatting with the community, and give different awards. The duckdice is a unique, friendly, and beautiful gambling platform which uses Crypto money and techniques.
  • The customer service is top of the world with a user-oriented approach. The web interface, design, proactive support, low house edge, and crystal clear rules make them a promising choice for online gambling.
  • They also provide regular rains and competitive faucet. The software is created from scratch. They call their users ducklings! (Awesome isn’t it?). The rates are competitive in nature and you can always use the service as it is 24*7 available.
  • The users can share their bets and milestones on social media using the link available on the interface. You can also refer the Duckdice to your friends and earn some bonus coins to bet.
  • The most important feature of online gambling is to create an environment which is secure and trustable. Duckdice implements a three-tier security system which protects the players as well as the environment. The users can play the game with firewall and VPN. The response time from the support guys is real quick and you will get all the help you need.

Grab a seat on this roller coaster and win a quick buck.

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