Can rummy be also played with tiles? Read to know the rummikub rules

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Different cultures of different countries have modified the conventional Rummy game that has led to the emergence of several rummy variations. This card game not only offers entertainment but also helps individuals to acquire new skills.

With the internet boom, many online gaming platforms like GetMega feature different variants of this unique card game that includes the Rummikub. 

Rummikub is a variation of the traditional game of Rummy that is played with tiles instead of cards. This tile-based game is also known as Rummy cube. In the game, 104 tiles are used with numbers 1 to 14 in four different colours such as, black, red, blue and orange.

2 tiles in this game contain the same number and colour. Furthermore, there are two jokers in this game. The game is played by two to four players. Well-known in parts of Europe and America, Rummikub is a combination of Rummy and Mahjong

The object of Rummikub is pretty simple. You need to remove all the tiles from your rack quickly by making sets on the table or board. The player who exhausts all the tiles first emerges as the winner. The goal of this game is to keep as few points as possible in your hands/racks.

There is no doubt that this game is very intriguing and entertaining to play with friends. However, the game has certain rules that you must follow to ensure fair play. Listed below are some important Rummikub rules. To learn the rummikub rules and gameplay in more detail, go to GetMega blogs.

Ground rules in Rummikub

Before the game begins, mix the tiles well in a pouch. After that, each player picks a tile. The player with the highest-numbered tile goes first. While you play Rummikub, make sure the game continues in a clockwise direction.

You have to again put the tiles in a pouch and mix them. This time each player will pick 14 tiles without showing their opponents. After you pick your tiles, you need to place them on your racks. 

Meld rules in Rummikub

According to GetMega, meld in Rummikub refers to a group or run that is made out of sets of tiles. A meld must be in the same colours. While playing Rummikub, you can make a meld or set by adding 1 or more tiles to an existing run. For instance, if you have 2 and 6 tiles and on the table/board there are 3,4,5 tiles.

You can add your tiles to make 2,3,4,5,6. Also, by taking the fourth tile from a set you can complete your own set. Suppose you have 10, 6 (black) and 6 (orange) and on the table there are 6 (blue), 8 and 9 you can add the the 10th to the run and use the 6s to form a new group like: 8,9,10 and 6 (black), 6 (orange) and 6 (blue).

In Rummikub you can also split a run. For instance, on the table you see a run of 4,5,6,7,8. You can take the 6th tile and make a separate run of 4,5,6 while the balance 6,7,8 becomes another run. 

Scoring rules in Rummikub 

The player who ends up with no tiles as early as possible is declared a clean winner in Rummikub. After a player has won, the other participants add the value of the remaining tiles on the rack. This score is recorded as a negative or minus amount.

The person who wins this round is given positive points from the total of the losing players. After each round, the scores are added as before. At the end of the final round, the person who gets the highest points emerges as a winner. While playing Rummikub make sure that the plus scores are equal to the negative amounts in every round till the end of the game.

In case, all the tiles inside the pouch are completely exhausted before any player uses all his/her tiles on the rack, the player with the lowest number of tiles on the rack wins the game. Also, if a player wins and you are holding the joker you will face a penalty of 30 points. 

Rules for joker in Rummikub

Joker is a blank tile that can be placed anywhere. In Rummikub, the value of the joker is determined by the tile it represents. Players are allowed to add a tile to a meld with a joker. However, you cannot remove a tile from the meld that includes a joker.

If you discard the joker, you must use that joker and two more tiles from your rack to add another meld on the table/board. It is important that you use the joker as soon as possible because later you might be charged with a penalty of 30 points if a player wins. 

Still having difficulty in understanding the rummikub rules and gameplay? Play similar games on GetMega app to get better in these games.

6 players rule in Rummikub 

We know that the normal game of Rummikub is played among two to four players. However, there is a 6-person Rummikub game available on many platforms. In this version, there are 160 tiles.

The game also has a six-tile rack for 6 players. All the tiles are numbers from 1 to 13 in four different colours along with 4 different jokers. You can look more into this game with reference to the blog pages on rummikub rules on GetMega’s website.

Now that you know that you can play Rummy games even with tiles, you should invite all your friends to play a game of Rummikub. Also, go through the important Rummikub rules and make your sets accordingly. 

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