Bioethanol fireplaces: How to incorporate them in the design?

Bioethanol fireplaces are widely used in modern interior and exterior designs. They are better than usual fireplaces because they do not require any hard connections or chimney. Innovative solutions of outdoor and indoor ethanol fireplaces allow enjoying natural, real flames with no smoke, ash or smell. Benefits of Planika fireplaces go even further, they do not emit any harmful substances, do not require maintenance and are very safe. All of the bioethanol fireplaces are rigorously tested, have safety sensors and child lock. Besides, their installation is really simple and intuitive. That is why it is no surprise that designers all over the world choose ethanol fireplace burners and fireplaces in their work.

Bioethanol fireplaces: How to incorporate them in the design?

There are many types of bioethanol fireplaces, and they are used for different purposes. The first type is free standing ethanol fireplace. They are portable and easy to arrange wherever you want them to be. That opens space for your design ideas, as they can enrich your room and you do not need to change anything for them. Other types are indoor and outdoor ethanol fireplaces. Indoor fireplaces do not require any flue or vent, that is why they can be put anywhere in the space of your choice. Indoor fireplaces can be built-in wall or freestanding. Outdoor ones have an eye-catching design that merges the beauty of the flame and unique shapes. They can also help you to add a scent of luxury to your outdoor garden or patio. Bioethanol outdoor fireplaces make the joy of summer evenings brighter.

Our company also offers bioethanol fireplace inserts that can be a perfect replacement for your good old burner. As they are mounted on the wall, such type of fireplaces saves up space and adds a unique flavour to your interiors. Another type that is very popular in modern design is table fireplaces. They combine all benefits of bioethanol fireplaces and enrich your design. Such kind of fireplaces can become a central part of any space. They create warm and cosy atmosphere and will be a beautiful decoration.

Regardless of what kind of ethanol fireplace you choose it will be a great decision. They can make your design modern, eye-catching and eco-friendly. You can put it in any space you like, and it will be safe. Due to sophisticated BEV technology, there is no contact between flame and ethanol in such fireplaces. That is why they have no emissions, smoke, ash or odour. Choose bioethanol fireplaces and create luxurious indoor or outdoor design with the environment in mind.

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