top 6 best adsense alternative to earn more

When a pro blogger thinks about monetization , he will definitely go for Adsense. The Adsense is the best ever online advertising company from Google.

Here are some BEST method available on internet that stand against google ADSENSE . Some are new method and some are the old method . This is updated post from previous post . some new METHOD are included in this post .

It doesn’t sound like an easy job to get approved or retained in Adsense. As you know t is very hard to get approved by Adsense. I am giving you the best adsense alternative list .

They ban thousands of accounts every day due to some unexpected activities. So it is hard to keep out of account ban. Sometimes the “unexpected activities” may be unexpected from publishers.

They would have done some mistakes or something similar to T&C violation.

Here I am sharing some sites and services which provide you ads similar to adsense. Some of this can also be used with Adsense.

best adsense alternative to earn more

top 6 best adsense alternative to earn more


Chitika is most similar to Adsense. best competitor and altenative for adsence. Making use of the similarity it is the best alternative for the Adsense.

They only serve contextual ads. In my opinion it is really good for small just started blog. Their initial pay out also be too small compare to other network.


Clicksor provides text, contextual and pop up ads. They are the one of the reliable ad network after Adsense. They share up to 60 % of their revenue to us.

There are a lot of small blogs generating some good income from clicksor. In my experience the pop up ads generates more.

Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads give you some contextual ads considering your Alexa rank, Google PR, Traffic and some other facts.  The contextual ads can be placed somewhere in your blog up to a digit of ten. It will pay some depending on your blog ranking.


BuySellAds simply mean its name. this is best adsense alternative You can sell your space on your blog like a land leasing. It is not similar to the CPM or PPV.

You just want to sell your space to someone they will pay you. The BuySellAds will be agent between you and the other. They will manage the payment too. The BuySellAds will pay more than 75% of their income to us.

Amazon Affiliates

Amazon is a largest marketing system around the world. The Amazon affiliates might be good opportunity for blogs to get a quick income if you had some targeted traffic.

The affiliate simply means commission of the product sale. If you run a review site, Amazon affiliates sounds good for you. You can use it with adsense too.



Kontera is a content based advertiser. They pop up ads from some underlined keywords. They also provide PPC ads. They allow some small blogs to joint with.

So it would be a better choice for small blogs or just started one. You can also use the kontera ads with your Adsense ads. best top 6 best adsense alternative to earn more .

Infolinks is a keyword based advertising system that allows you make sponsored hyperlinks in your posts. It’s a PPV ( Pay per view) site not a CPM.

So it might take some days to get regular income in this system. But it is good to make some Paypal money for some giant sites.

 Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is good to earn some passive income. If you are a giant in your niche you can think about it very seriously. You will get some commission for promoting and selling some products.

Some product will make you about 50$ for one sale. You have to do some good research to know which type of product compatible for your blog. You can go for these sites for more info.



  • Great article. I have been looking for ways to monetize my new site and don’t want to use Adsense if possible. Thanks for the suggestions as these are a great place to start.

  • Google adsense is one of the best money making program, but not it is not secure. Other programs are securing then google adsense, so better is to use affiliate program, rather than adsense. I use most of Affiliate program.

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